Concept development, sketches, studies. Wall preparation. Development of the Cartoon for Albuquerque Fresco Painting of the Albuquerque Fresco. (photographs throughout painting process) How to order documentary title Albuquerque Fresco - Inside Look by Amy Bowers.

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Dear Visitor we have started publishing of Fresco Technique Tutorials by Ilia Anossov.
In this section of Modern Fresco Gallery we begin publishing of the introductory articles illustrating the creation of the Albuquerque Fresco. This articles should outline the topics that will be addressed in detail in our Fresco Painting Technique section. Tutorials will appear on page-by-page basis. The order of articles are based on your feedback!

First article "Preparation" is now online.
Please use the link below to tell as what you would like to know first!

To learn more about the technique and other details of Fresco Painting, please post your feedback and ask questions. 
Cafe al Fresco - "Ilia's Albq. Fresco forum.
Your questions and suggestions will help us in developing of the detailed Fresco Painting Technique section of this website.

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   Introduction to "Albuquerque Fresco".

   Preparation for painting. Concept development, sketch and color study.

   Developing of the Cartoon. Full scale Cartoon for fresco step-by-step.

   Painting of the Albuquerque Fresco. Painting, color, technique details.

   Documentary "Albuquerque Fresco - Inside Look". Documentary by Emmy Award Winning producer, Amy Bowers ABTV. Pre-order form and details. Free introductory video.



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