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Buon Fresco Foundations: FRESCO PAINTING - COLOR
Buon Fresco Foundations: Fresco Painting - Color DVD introduces the student to the foundational principles and techniques of True (Buon) Fresco ...
adminadmin 27-Feb-12 02:48 AM
by admin
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Buon Fresco Foundations: FRESCO PAINTING - VERDACCIO
Buon Fresco Foundations: Fresco Painting - Verdaccio DVD introduces the student to the foundational principles and techniques of Verdaccio Under...
adminadmin 27-Feb-12 02:46 AM
by admin
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Buon Fresco Foundations: V 3 - FRESCO PIGMENTS & PAINT
Buon Fresco Foundations - Fresco Pigments & Paint DVD introduces the student to the foundational principles and techniques of preparation and use of...
adminadmin 27-Feb-12 02:44 AM
by admin
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Buon Fresco Foundations - FRESCO CARTOON
Buon Fresco Foundations - Fresco Cartoon DVD introduces the student to the foundational principles and techniques of preparation and use of the CARTOO...
adminadmin 27-Feb-12 02:41 AM
by admin
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How to Make Lime Putty [View All]
I am just relaxing after mixing 400 lbs of lime putty. I have chosen to use high calcite lime, type "N", from the Chemical Lime kiln here in V...
Gary sculptari 14-Jun-10 03:39 AM
by cristeto1981
26 ---  
Fresco Painting - Introduction
In it's essence, fresco or fresco painting is an - application of natural mineral pigments to a surface on which a following chemical reaction tak...
adminadmin 14-Jun-10 03:38 AM
by cristeto1981
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Traditional Fresco Pigments
Pigments you can trust: Lime White Cadmium Yellow, light Yellow Ochre Raw Sienna Burnt Sienna Pezzuole Red Earth Red, red oxide...
adminadmin 27-May-10 01:09 PM
by admin
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Practice Lime Putty from Type S Hydrated Lime
To gain experience in plastering at a minimal cost it is possible to prepare a "Practice Lime Putty" from common Type-S Hydrated Construction Lime...
adminadmin 02-Mar-10 02:49 PM
by boyoboy
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Buon Fresco Foundations - FRESCO PLASTER
Fresco School is proud to announce the official release of the DVD Tutorial - "FRESCO PLASTER" from their "BUON FRESCO FOUNDATIONS" video set....
adminadmin 26-Oct-09 01:26 AM
by robin12
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The Strappo Technique
The "Strappo" technique explained here is ideal for frescoes on small bricks,support boards, or studio walls. I have used this method to succe...
Mozart 29-May-09 05:50 AM
by ningli2009
6 ---  
Fresco Workshops at Fresco School
Read about fresco classes held at the Fresco School in this topic. Current Schedule and other info available at the Official Fresco School websit...
adminadmin 20-Jan-06 05:58 PM
by admin
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Why Fresco?
This is the question that I encounter the most and perhaps I have never did answer it properly. The story of fresco painting began over 35,000 year...
Iliamoderator 01-Jul-04 01:02 AM
by Ilia
2 ---  
Premixed Fresco Plasters at the FrescoShop.com
We have added a few new products - Premixed Fresco Painting Plasters: Fresco Painting Plaster - INTONACO Fresco Painting Plaster - ...
adminadmin 21-Jul-14 02:04 PM
by admin
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Premium Fresco Painting Brushes
"These are the best fresco brushes I have ever used" said Fresco School's founder iLia Anossov (fresco) For the month of April get 10...
adminadmin 26-Mar-14 11:27 AM
by admin
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Verdaccio - definition
Verdaccio is an Italian name for the mixture of mars black and yellow ochre resulting in a grayish or yellowish (depending on the proportion) soft...
adminadmin 13-Sep-11 07:40 AM
by admin
4 ---  
Lime Suppliers
I am looking for the right calcium oxide (lime) for my first fresco. I am in Portland, OR. Does anyone know where to purchase a 50lb bag? I...
cathyhastie 10-Dec-10 03:28 PM
by admin
3 ---  
Lime Putty, Pit Lime, Quicklime, Slaked Lime
Lime Putty is the main ingredient of the buon fresco painting. Preparation of painting surfaces for fresco involves the application of plaster of...
adminadmin 10-Dec-10 03:23 PM
by admin
3 ---  
Degradation and Conservation of Frescoes.
Deterioration of fresco paintings results from the open, porous nature of their support (walls and ceilings of buildings or other carriers) and ...
adminadmin 23-Jun-10 04:58 PM
by admin
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Large-scale mural advice needed
Hello everyone, I was hoping to get some advice from folks who have experience working with very large scale frescoes. I have been offerred a c...
MikeN 01-Jun-10 01:13 PM
by mozart
7 ---  
Lime Putty for sale
Hi, I hope this isn't violating any rules here, but I can't find a better site to place this information. I just wanted to mention for an...
Fresco_01 06-Apr-10 06:38 AM
by Fresco_01
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Technical details regarding a fresco's surface
Hi everyone, This may be a bit of hair splitting but I always appreciate knowing as much as I can about the things which interest me. In ...
MikeN 15-Feb-10 10:36 AM
by admin
1 ---  
Can I use cement backer board as an easy panel?
Id' like to try fresco painting, but I'd like to reduce the number of new skills to start. I've found discussions of building a panel from pl...
Larry 03-Nov-09 02:00 AM
by johnpas11
1 ---  
arsenic treated lath and lime plaster
I have been asked if the arsenic in pressure-treated wood lath would react with the lime in a lime plaster. Does someone here know if it would and in ...
dulce_domum 03-Nov-09 01:49 AM
by mark11
5 ---  
fresco restoration in UK
Dear All, We are about to refurbish our house and have a fresco of approx 3 foot by 10 foot that was painted by Charlotte Lawrenson in 1927.Quite ...
mh41 30-Aug-09 12:32 PM
by mh41
2 ---  
estimating materials using square feet
Hello, I am trying to provide an estimate for materials (sand, lime putti) quantities and costs per square foot, for a future project. ...
MikeN 20-Jul-09 12:18 PM
by admin
1 ---  
exterior mural in northen climate
I was wondering if anyone knows if an exterior true fresco has been created to withstand four seasons of very high variable temperatures seen in North...
5mnfrfrsc1 20-Jul-09 01:16 AM
by admin
7 ---  
DVD tutorials Volumes 2+
Hi Ilia, I watched the first volume of your DVD tutorial. An impressive presentation that was clear and well designed. When can we expect the n...
MikeN 23-Jun-09 10:42 AM
by admin
1 ---  
Ilia's Albquerque Fresco (400 sq ft) infojournal
Anyone who would like to view this masterpiece in perss=on call me and I will make myself available: Steve Upah 505-275-3433 home, and 505- 88...
Steve Upah 13-Nov-08 05:51 AM
by classicwalls
20 ---  
light weight fresco
Hi all, All my frescoes are approx. 24"x24". They weigh in at approx. 40 -50lbs each. They are made with treated plywood, metal lath and ...
fresco39 29-Oct-08 03:34 AM
by batik
2 ---  
lime putty too wet?
I'm fairly new to fresco, and recently made my first batch of lime putty using Cheney's hydrated lime. It's supposed to be the high Calcium ve...
Osage orange 14-Oct-08 04:42 PM
by admin
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