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The first step to choose your shower heads
I love big shower heads, the bigger the better. Having larger Shower Heads ensures that I can stand under my shower and have the water rush over me....
Eddieo 31-Mar-13 10:05 AM
by Eddieo
0 ---  
Some say beauty Is something pleasant to the eyes, Vibrant, colorful. To me beauty Shall never be seen with the eyes. Be...
gypsy14 16-Jun-10 08:36 PM
by hazelnice
2 ---  
There are some great poems on here... but it's a shame no-one gives anyone else feedback! I've never seen such a stagnant "Forum". ...
FP 16-Jun-10 08:30 PM
by hazelnice
3 ---  
inebriated thinking
What are your thoughts about doing poetry and art while under the influence. Wether it be alchohol or heroine. Is it good for the arts or bad? Any o...
Smiley 01-Jan-07 01:04 AM
by drunk in 1st person
5 ---  
Poem- Conversation With A Stranger
Friend, you share more resemblances with a monkey Because I smile and you frown like orange peels Because I talk and you lie down extended like ...
Yo 10-Apr-06 06:06 AM
by iam_mai
2 ---  
thoughts on poetry in the forum
Hi, all! some works are really something. i just noticed one thing, though, if i may be so bold as to share my thoughts... i noticed most o...
iam_mai 10-Apr-06 05:59 AM
by iam_mai
0 ---  
Sappho's works
Hi! I would just like to know if you know any artwork based on any of Sappho's poems... thanks!! :) www.paintingsonline.blogspot.com...
iam_mai 10-Apr-06 02:37 AM
by iam_mai
0 ---  
Chance to publish your poetry!
Iamb: A Simon Fraser University Journal of Creative Writing ¡­the new word in town ¡­a serious publication that promotes the fresh...
iamb 25-Mar-05 03:07 AM
by iamb
0 ---  
Starving Arts Literary Magazine
Starving Arts Literary Magazine , "the starving, bleeding, vomiting edge of modern literature," is now accepting submissions of poetry,...
duke 16-Dec-03 10:42 PM
by duke
0 ---  
Color Coded Terrorist Threats
Your need to watch the sorrow Your laughing at the pain You feed on the horror as you rewind and watch again. You buy all the lies and jump on e...
glasz77 15-Oct-03 08:17 AM
by glasz77
0 ---  
Its black and running and running throughout my mind Shaking across the mirror of a 15 minute high And some say its time to kill me while other...
glasz77 15-Oct-03 08:17 AM
by glasz77
0 ---  
Miserable World
I see me enraptured. Swimming Old dust in Oceans blue. We tear our parts together. Our hearts say its forever. Then I peel myself back off o...
glasz77 15-Oct-03 08:16 AM
by glasz77
0 ---  
Hey im kinda new at this and i just want to know what ppl think of some of my poems... thanx:-) Satisfaction I feel ...
StEvIe 21-Sep-03 05:41 AM
by StEvIe
0 ---  
"Cycle of Life" Original Poem by artist T.Reyes (see)
This is a poem I would love to have put to music, unfortunatley I don't write music. I am a painter, see tgruenhagenfinearts member and my posti...
tgruenhagenfinearts 22-Aug-02 07:55 PM
by Yi
2 ---  
What did we do?
What did we do when we were others, in other life? Perhaps we killed Christ or did we cry for Him? Who among those soldiers%...
Rafael Gallardo 29-Sep-01 11:57 PM
by Rafael Gallardo
0 ---  
can things be eny different for me, better, worse, lighter, darker. we make what we make of our...
monkeygirlzzz 17-Sep-01 10:55 AM
by monkeygirlzzz
0 ---  
D=RxT - Is fame really worth the struggle?
http://www.adamstrangedesign.com/6.jpg http://www.adamstrangedesign.com/6.html http://www.adamstrangedesign.com/6.ht...
Kurt_Cobain 27-Aug-01 07:56 AM
by Kurt_Cobain
0 ---  
in Position
In position The still hand I push it. The still hand I pull it. The hand moves ahead %0...
watercolor90 15-May-01 06:01 AM
by watercolor90 (Guest)
0 ---  
sincerity...please be honest!!!
Someone bring me some wine and i am walking down blind you telling me :<< right in your face>> Yeah! Right at your place!...
Dinking wine... for the rest of life 13-Dec-00 06:53 AM
by Dinking wine... for the rest of life (Guest)
switched-on....switched off
switched on... switched off. It's just a feeling. Can't SEE my face, Nor HEAR my tears. Feelings from 14,000 mi...
Flaming Pants 13-Nov-00 04:05 PM
by Flaming Pants
A cherry lit in the darkness The smoke exhaled from my mouth It floats into the air in a large gray cloud Then dissipates into nothingn...
gypsy14 13-Nov-00 05:46 PM
by Flaming Pants
Online but Disconnected.
Click Buzz Sqeeeeee Tweet Here I am!!! Online, But disconnected. Blocked. Invisible listed. But myself exp...
Flaming Pants 02-Nov-00 03:11 AM
by Flaming Pants
I'm just a item on a hard drive. A small magnetic imprint. Pictures and words. Static and Temporary Delete me. ...
Flaming Pants 02-Nov-00 03:07 AM
by Flaming Pants

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