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Sexy and Highest Quality Cosplay accessories
We learn that if the cosplay industry has a legend, its the one-and-only Yaya Han a woman who is such a remarkable designer/wearer of...
yyuu 03-Nov-14 02:57 PM
by yyuu
0 ---  
lovely and cool Anime Cosplay Accessories
Some people will spend a ton of money on construction or commissioning custom creations. Many others are just starting out and don't necessarily abi...
yyuu 03-Nov-14 02:56 PM
by yyuu
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Da Vinci Code
Well the art in the Da Vinci Code was amazing of course because it was Leonardo's. Does anyone know another good movie with good paintings or sculpt...
bigmark35 16-Jun-10 08:23 PM
by hazelnice
4 ---  
new latino film Cronicas
My roommate just watched this movie at his universal internship, tells me that its pretty good but kinda disturbing. Wouldnt tell me much about the ...
irontony88 14-Nov-05 12:26 PM
by irontony88
0 ---  
A film about an artist
I have a friend over at Universal who always tells me about the new films coming out, and he recently told me about "Modigliani," a film th...
monetmelly 16-Sep-05 12:52 PM
by monetmelly
0 ---  
Submissions Must Be Postmarked By Nov 30
GENESIS MEDIA GROUP FALL 2004 FILM COMPETITION Post Office Box 1193 97 Locust Circle Winnsboro, South Carolina 29180 Phone: 803-635-2656%0...
genesismedia 29-Nov-04 05:07 PM
by genesismedia
0 ---  
GENESIS MEDIA GROUP FALL 2004 FILM COMPETITION Post Office Box 1193 97 Locust Circle Winnsboro, South Carolina 29180 Phone: 803-635-2656...
genesismedia 23-Nov-04 08:01 AM
by genesismedia
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D=RxT - Is fame really worth the struggle?
http://www.adamstrangedesign.com/6.jpg http://www.adamstrangedesign.com/6.html http://www.adamstrangedesign.com/6.ht...
Kurt_Cobain 01-Sep-01 07:57 AM
by Ilia
1 ---  
Big new Fresco movie
I know Catherine Rudd has said she has done movie work, and I know Ilia would like to (??), has anyone heard of a new big budget movie cal...
Gary sculptari 26-Sep-00 09:34 AM
by Ilia
2 ---  
Agony & Ectasy
Thats what we need, a remake of this classic! Does everyone know this one, its pretty old, I get it from the public library when I need it. Ch...
Gary sculptari 24-Sep-00 09:02 AM
by Gary sculptari
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