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MBBS In Ukraine
Hi, Join the world recognized MBBS program in Ukraine. You can now earn your MBBS degree at an expense less than 30% by doing it in one ...
kuberentp2 06-Apr-12 01:08 AM
by jasonseibe
2 ---  
Artistic Adventure in Mural Fresco Painting Seminar
Enhance your artistic skills and your business portfolio in this week long hands-on apprenticeship curriculum in fresco mural painting. Join Belinda H...
Belinda Harris 24-Aug-11 07:35 PM
by bella10388
1 ---  
Please Help Me!
I'm doing a report on an old artist called Sandro Botticelli, does anyone have any information on him? Thanx!;-) ...
... 30-Mar-11 12:55 PM
by admin
10 ---  
"THE ART OF TROMPE L’OEIL SEMINAR – PARIS, FRANCE" Upcoming International Seminar & Workshop From the author of "The Art of T...
Yves Lanthier 23-Feb-11 03:11 AM
by skyline1241
2 ---  
Help! Need participants for online research study
Hello! My name is Meredith and I'm a psychology student in Scotland. I need artists and students (especially art students) to participate in...
nimue_uk 01-Dec-10 02:29 AM
by Esspweb
1 ---  
youth comedy programming
Hi! I'm programming a youth comedy course and need help with resources. Does anyone have experience in comedy and/or theatre workshops? The p...
australian sunset 20-Aug-10 05:29 AM
by Gary235
2 ---  
community art
I am interested in community and public art, but have no access to it. I live in HK and this is not common there. I do not only want to take part in...
fruityyan 12-Aug-10 05:25 AM
by billy10388
1 ---  
Learn Chinese Painting !
For those who want to try chinese painting, here is a good way to start: http://www.chinese-tools.com/learn/painting Step-by-step in...
Bob 29-Dec-09 00:59 AM
by luuloan
0 ---  
Interior design essay on modern murals and frescoes
I am doing an interior design essay on modern interior murals/fresco...could anyone please tell me the names of some well-known modern day muralists...
Karen 28-Dec-09 09:01 AM
by quinnwarren
3 ---  
Frescos at the Skowhegan School of Art in Maine
Greetings! I am researching a series of true frescos painted by faculty and students at the Skowhegan School of Art in Maine during the 1950s. The...
camitchell 07-Dec-07 03:03 PM
by admin
1 ---  
I have a poster I really like but some how over time it's gotten wrinkles in it. Can someone tell me how to get them out?They are mild but sever...
Gia 10-Apr-06 10:41 AM
by alice
1 ---  
sealant to use
I am currently working on a table top for a designer. I recieved it primed. Painted a dark undercoat with latex added the crackle and topped with anot...
gettin by 25-Sep-05 07:21 AM
by gettin by
0 ---  
preparing pigments
What is the formula for mixing pigments w. lime and water? I can buy pigments but don't know how to prepare....
debbie loutey 06-Jun-05 01:28 PM
by admin
1 ---  
Anish Kapoor - HELP !!!!
hello art lovers I'm a 27 years old Industrial Design dtudent. I'm doing a project on Kapoor and I found many helpful sites of articles on ...
ereza 11-Oct-04 08:11 AM
by Cory
1 ---  
appropriation quotes
im in year 11 and i am doing an assignment on approriation and i was wondering if anyone had some quotes about appropriation or post modernism. and al...
dead_flower 30-Apr-04 08:50 PM
by dead_flower
0 ---  
Acrylics work for a mural by painting on glass first?
I am an art teacher who's middle schoolers are paining a mural. I heard of a muralist in CA that uses Nova Color Acrylics, he paints the wall wi...
brobson 07-Jan-04 09:45 PM
by brobson
2 ---  
(Weird as it sounds) Chemistry
We happen to be doing our Independent Research project in Chemsitry, and I chose to test the endurance of a fresco under extreme heat. Weird, hu...
Kat 15-Oct-02 05:08 PM
by admin
3 ---  
Fresco Process - Lesson Plan & Activity
[h3]Fresco Process - Lesson Plan & Activity[/h3] Written by Laura Temple Sullivan mailto:Lauratsullivan@cs.com Posting...
adminadmin 05-Sep-02 04:05 PM
by admin
1 ---  
Art Schools
I was wondering where anyone would recommend going to college. My interests are mainly in visual/ graphic/ computer arts... so if anyone wants to...
Aardvar11 07-Mar-01 06:34 PM
by Aardvar11

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