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Conferences Welcome! The Bar Stool... Just Art!
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Gina pane! wow , complex. wot do u think of her?
I need help to write an essay on this incredible women! I don't know where to start. I just visited the exhibition in the arnolfini (bristol)....
jen_n_soph 24-Jan-06 10:12 AM
by Marina
7 ---  
ildiko Hi, I am looking for someone to collaborate with. I am don't like working alone in my studio. My work has been mostly figurative oil painti...
ildiko 21-Jan-06 05:55 PM
by ildiko
0 ---  
Commercial & Cooperative gallery.
Hello ! I'm beginner in visual art market. Actually I would like to promote my art in gallerys. Of couse it is common with finding people a...
Vitali 13-Sep-05 08:05 AM
by Kolychka
2 ---  
The Death of Art/Painting
I need some help doing some research. I'm looking for quotes declairing either art or painting dead or over. I have found one from the 6th century B...
Wislawa 20-Jun-05 09:29 PM
by Indymad
6 ---  
Anyone want to debate?
I need to compose a argument on why art (paintings, sculpture, stuff you would find in an art gallery) is useful to society or not, dependin...
Mandy 01-Jun-05 04:39 PM
by TheArtist789
4 ---  
ANY language/text-based ART you like?
Like Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer et al.? I think these two made words and images or words AS images could be taken seriously as art.:+ ...
Mulungo 10-Apr-05 05:21 PM
by Mulungo
0 ---  
Historical/technological impact on Aboriginal Art
Hi I was wondering if anyone can tell me about Historical/technological impact on Aboriginal Art? I am aware of acrylic being introduced and...
Mulungo 26-Feb-05 10:04 AM
by Gary sculptari
1 ---  
picture a circle
http://pictureacircle.com/bg1.jpg http://pictureacircle.com/ ...
turkeylurkey 21-Jan-05 08:09 AM
by turkeylurkey
0 ---  
Gallery Djupet -Art by Michael U Johansson
Ive got a new internetgallery. Im painting in oil and acrylic. The motives descibe fragment and environment from the origin of our soul. Please ...
galleridjupet 16-Jan-05 06:09 PM
by galleridjupet
0 ---  
Fresco painting in Tuscany, Italy today
Ciao,I recently finished over 1000 square ft.of fresco for Santa Barbara,a church in the Tuscan hilltown of Gallena,Italy. I've posted my work...
nathan 06-Dec-04 09:39 AM
by Tom
2 ---  
Creative Recycling Create A Electronic Toy
Recycling of electronic component , parts from instant camera, drinking straws, used guitar string, fibre optic, perforated aluminium sheet%...
simgarie 02-Nov-04 03:26 AM
by simgarie
0 ---  
any ideas?
Hi I'm sorry to bother you with this but I'm really stuck for ideas. I'm an A-level art student (this is sounding incredibly clich%E...
krazyklaire 01-Nov-04 11:40 PM
by indymad
3 ---  
Political art of the 70s
Does anybody know the names of any American representatives og the social realistic art movement of the 70s? -AbA ...
Art by Accident 20-Sep-04 06:09 AM
by Art by Accident
0 ---  
What is the standard commission a gallery takes when they have sold an artist's painting?...
Vespagurl 07-Sep-04 04:46 PM
by Diane_Overcash
1 ---  
Showing my work
I'm another new user to this site. I'm looking for a gallery or cafe to show my work in the Los Angeles area. Thanks for any advice....
glen9 11-Jul-04 04:47 PM
by Cyndij
3 ---  
Photographing your artwork Part I of II
Hello, Since artists have posed the question of how to photograph their artwork for submissions and uploading, and get quality images, I ...
Cyndij 15-May-04 08:23 AM
by Cynthia Houppert
2 ---  
the female pope
i'm looking for text and art on pope joan ...
meital 14-May-04 11:33 AM
by JRV67K2
1 ---  
JRV67K2 14-May-04 11:19 AM
by JRV67K2
0 ---  
Tracking references
Do the truefresco site developers read this forum? I did some searches in the forums and didn't find any conferences that talk about this subject...
sford 21-Apr-04 11:31 PM
by admin
6 ---  
Hi, my web site is dedicate to an artist paintor http://barletproart.free.fr his name is barletpoart and he is famous in France Lyon, ...
barletproart 06-Apr-04 01:59 PM
by barletproart
0 ---  
Plasters and Canvas
Hi I am new to this site and have been a decorative artist for 7 years now. I have decided to take some of my wall and furniture art to a different le...
Luana1 13-Mar-04 08:01 AM
by Luana1
0 ---  
school project blaahhhaha
Hi I'm new to the site. I was just wondering if any one had any tips or ideas for a college art project. My prof. assigned a 20 hour project to be...
YaYa 26-Feb-04 08:48 PM
by YaYa
0 ---  
my art
Hello every one I just want to put my site out there for everyone to check out. All are welcome. ;)...
Ty 26-Feb-04 09:09 AM
by Ty
0 ---  
1,000 + links
Hi everyone, Free to all are links to galleries, plus art centers, and organizations with more to come. Go get 'em at http:/%...
Cyndij 10-Feb-04 04:54 PM
by Cyndij
0 ---  
oil paintings that you must see $49 and up
$49 and up for oil paintings http://swan-art.com :D ...
erezl 07-Feb-04 11:41 PM
by erezl
0 ---  
Recycled Art
Specializing in the integration of art and recycling, art education programs, classes for children and adults, seminars for teachers, artwork ...
internetdaze 28-Dec-03 02:43 AM
by internetdaze
0 ---  
How can I frame oil paintings on paper ???
Hi, all: I have dome a number of paintings on gessoed ragg paper. Is there a way to frame these without using glass or plexiglass ? My un...
Vidu 09-Dec-03 12:53 PM
by jfrank
3 ---  
A creative new mixture of art
I would like you all to just glance at my work please. I like to mix digital art effects with traditional hand paintnig brush strokes and techniques. ...
eMatt 12-Aug-03 11:48 PM
by lah
1 ---  
Mari Hirooka, Japanese Born Writer and Painting Artist
Mari Hirooka, was born in Tokyo, Japan February 6,1930. Mari graduated from Ishikawa Kenritsu Daini Kojo, Ishikawa, Japan in March 1948. Dur...
michelle2003 11-Jul-03 06:05 PM
by admin
1 ---  
In addition....
Serindipity... I came across an old auction catolog that had some astonishing Ecorche drawings by Peter Paul Rubens. The studies, mainly in pen a...
deep sea monster 29-Jun-03 10:13 AM
by daz99cox
1 ---  
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