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The Death of Painting [View All]
Is painting dead as a valid, vital art form? As we move into a new century, is it not true that the "energy" and the power lies in the music...
abvg 14-May-03 04:12 PM
by abvg
80 ---  
New to this site
Hi everyone, First time at this site and have only just started to look around, still trying to work it all out. I am 2-d artist in Ess...
Tao 19-Nov-02 07:38 PM
by Ilia
1 ---  
art schools??
I am looking for a good art school that isn't necessarily in a city....have any recomendations???:+ ...
ignacio 01-Nov-02 02:51 PM
by goldendelicious
3 ---  
transportation of frescoes
Q: > >in the Jacquemart Andree Museum in Paris I have seen an ancient fresco which was transported from the original place to the museum by a...
hakoleilat 07-Oct-02 10:44 AM
by admin
3 ---  
I need help with an Art Project
I'm a student of the computing arts, and I am gathering thoughts for a senior project. My project is an investigation into how different people de...
Sarah 29-Sep-02 12:18 PM
by kbill
4 ---  
Hi there. Just a quick question for all you art geniuses out there. The other day at work I received a small container of a substance called 's...
Hatch 30-Jul-02 10:09 PM
by Hatch
5 ---  
Visit my site let me know what you think ..... post your art ..or just browse through rare original sculpture ...
IAF 01-Jul-02 01:06 AM
by admin
1 ---  
new to Cafe al Fresco
hello to all, I just want to say that I am not a fresco painter nor am I am modern artist. I am simply put just an artist. My favorite medium is p...
dolphinfire28 06-Jun-02 05:16 PM
by Ilia
8 ---  
stunglit HEY - just registered ::: i'm a fan of function , is that still art?...
stunglit 06-Jun-02 05:06 PM
by stunglit
0 ---  
thinks that...
...modern art is such a cop out and a disgrace. the philosophical underpinings that frame this edifice are so weak and banal... yawn!!!..tired...
deep sea monster 12-May-02 09:02 PM
by Bigmo57703
3 ---  
Changing Lanes - The Beach Painting from the movie
Art Student looking for info on the beach painting featured at the movie "Changing Lanes". THANKS!...
Fabian 08-May-02 11:35 AM
by Fabian
0 ---  
Art student needs help quick
Hi everyone! Im in my first year of a diploma of visual arts and i am researching for a paper for Context and Culture. Im looking for any transge...
vonny 03-May-02 02:04 PM
by lisa
1 ---  
Finding someone to Look at my paintings
I am new to the idea of selling my paintings... but many of my friends have shown an interest. I am interested in finding out if anyone else would be ...
drubopper 23-Jan-02 05:34 PM
by admin
1 ---  
Visual Art
My daughter has a new digital camera and is very interested in the visual arts. She is searching for info on "a certain type of visual art (pictur...
Harold Newell [newellha@aol.com] 13-Dec-01 09:51 PM
by Ilia
I'm just an artist ...
trying to find a forum to shamelessly (is this a word?) promote my website. It's Flash! There's 3D!! So if you're interested head ov...
J.S.M. 02-Dec-01 00:14 AM
by J.S.M.
0 ---  
September 11th
Hi, My sister was in one of the WTC buildings, she survived, but a lot of people did not... The world will never be the same,...
Iliamoderator 27-Nov-01 12:45 PM
by neene
8 ---  
Artists introduced on our online newspaper
We introduce artists free on our online newspaper. Visitors from all over the world submit their sites. It is a great opportunity for artists to buy%2...
amjadshelly 26-Nov-01 09:22 AM
by amjadshelly
0 ---  
is design art??
i know that art is relative but how many of you "artists" think that design is art??? Personally i think design isn't art but advertising....
ignacio 06-Nov-01 10:33 PM
by Ilia
1 ---  
to Uvi
you must have an idea before you pick up some color and put it on a surface wich can be whatever you wont it to be you must have an idea about somethn...
vaso & ilir 04-Nov-01 12:17 PM
by vaso & ilir
0 ---  
nouveau site
Bonjour, Amateurs de peinture ou plasticiens aguerris, vous pouvez découvrir mon site d'art graphique et pictural à cette adresse : h...
Florence 22-Oct-01 03:57 AM
by admin
1 ---  
Found a new book on the net. It's all to do with art marketing. How To Become a Famous Artist has got a lot going for it. It's free t...
Roberto 21-Sep-01 08:35 PM
by Ilia
1 ---  
Does it still count as Art?
When color is spilled unintentionally, does it still count as Art? Or is it particularly then that inspiration kicks in, rising above our most l...
Uvi 04-Sep-01 03:10 AM
by Ilia
Debbie House - Painted Travesty
Does anybody else get this TV show? Her latest series, starting last night, takes us to Umbria, Italy as an inspiration for a do-it-your...
Gary sculptari 30-Aug-01 03:30 PM
by mango_girl
"world recommendation list?"
Hello I would appreciate if anybody can tell what "the world recommendation list for artists" is about. I heard it mentioned several ti...
Alex 30-Aug-01 01:10 PM
by admin
D=RxT - Is fame really worth the struggle?
http://www.adamstrangedesign.com/6.jpg http://www.adamstrangedesign.com/6.html http://www.adamstrangedesign.com%...
Kurt_Cobain 27-Aug-01 07:55 AM
by Kurt_Cobain
0 ---  
Faux/plaster finish
Help!!! I have a client with an adobe house in Fl. Over the past few years I have done mural/trompe l'oeil work in nearly every room. We a...
silkgypsy@aol.com 01-Aug-01 06:35 AM
by ken k (Guest)
makin lute ya'all, these guys are looking for arteeeest...
I just found this amazing artist resource site. It has every service an artist could want, online portfolios, a rating system, a comments secti...
debbieescalante 11-Jul-01 10:58 AM
by Ellen King (Guest)
Judaic Art (oil paintings)- live life in Art!
http://oilpaintingartwork.com/oil/newartists/authorsworks/gold/images/024gold.jpg http://oilpaintingartwork.com/o...
fenix 06-Jul-01 12:40 PM
by fenix
figure painting
hello looking for reps ,collectors,and art lovers. go to www.robearart.com and send me a email. thanks robert...
Robert 01-Jul-01 08:12 PM
by Robert (Guest)
New International Art Portal
Dear Friends, This announcement is to inform you of a newly launched art portal. We would like to invite anyone interested in ...
Farah 05-Jun-01 03:32 AM
by Farah
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