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[h3]"Sculptures" - group exhibition at the Cafe al Fresco[/h3] [b]Welcome to create Sculpture Gallery at the Cafe al Fresco!%...
adminadmin 17-Jan-09 10:19 PM
by jostylist
8 ---  
Artist C. Jere' [View All]
Hello. I just found a metal sculpture signed by the artist "C. Jere'". Has anyone ever heard of him/her? Thanks....
Lorraine 05-Nov-13 03:37 AM
by Rod_McMahon
55 ---  
Wall decals are the Best Decoration
Modern Wall Decals are an exciting way to the age-old question of what to put on your walls. An immediate conventional, wall decals add a touch of p...
Ingmar 23-Oct-13 07:03 PM
by Ingmar
0 ---  
Curtis Jere Schoolhouse Metal Sculpture
I recently obtained a Curtis Jere Schoolhouse metal sculpture (signed by the artist). It is brass and copper. If anyone knows the approximately ...
uwstoutmom 23-May-12 08:53 PM
by daffodil1003
1 ---  
C Jere Wall Sculpture...HELP!
My boyfriend recieved a signed C. Jere wall sculpture for doing some work for a lady remodeling her timeshare unit. It's called "Maritime Racer"...
oregonkelly 16-Nov-11 08:18 PM
by oregonkelly
0 ---  
FS: C. Jere Sculpture
I have a C. Jere' 1970 bird sculpture for sale. It's about 5 ft wide and 3 ft tall. Flying birds. Contact me at boofthatrock@yahoo.com if intere...
Ken 12-Oct-11 02:45 AM
by emmahudson88
1 ---  
Beautiful Sculptures
I was never into art, but I'm getting better at finding it beautiful. I took an art class just so I can see why a painting was so beautiful or a s...
bigmark35 03-Oct-11 03:49 AM
by shekinahartgallery
0 ---  
Angelina Jolie portrait.. Sculpting Portrait in Clay
Hi Every body, I just have seen this amazing video.I suggested it for u to watch.Have anice time ^_^ http://www.askthecrafter.com/v...
monaliza 11-Oct-10 01:37 PM
by monaliza
0 ---  
C Jere Barn & Windmill Wall Sculpture
I have a signed C. Jere Barn and Widmill wall sculpture, I think its copper. It's 54" x 22". Does anyone know it's value? I am interested ...
Dragonfly 03-Jun-10 02:16 PM
by Dragonfly
0 ---  
C Jere'
I bought this piece at a furniture store in Colorado. It is a sculptered fish painted in bueatiful oils with lots of texture and color. Am not int...
Carole Ann 11-Nov-09 11:07 AM
by Carole Ann
0 ---  
Need Help! Sculptor Simmons???
Good Day Everyone: I have inherited a magnificent metal wall sculpture designed around a center clock. The piece is quite large and signed Simmons w...
sundaymorning 06-Nov-09 11:55 PM
by adampastec
0 ---  
Two, three and four dimensional kinetic work.
For the last couple of years I worked combining design and science during my investigation towards element powered kinetic products which neither for ...
tomjarvis 29-Oct-09 08:48 PM
by robin12
0 ---  
Iron Sculpture on Green Marble Base Signed. R.E. 1967
I am trying to identify artist that signed table top iron sculpture on green marble base. R.E. dated 1967. Dimensions 9" Tall x 14 1/2" Lon...
jostylist 29-Oct-09 08:42 PM
by robin12
0 ---  
C Jere'
Hello, I have aquired an infinity light/lamp/ mirror, that is signed C Jere' 1977. Does anyone know the value of this piece? I am ver...
seven065 20-Sep-08 02:32 AM
by DrBar
7 ---  
http://www.uviart.com/images/yawn.jpg IT HAS BEEN A WHILE SINCE MY LAST VISIT HERE... My new website is listed at the bottom. This...
Uvi 11-Jan-08 05:27 PM
by Uvi
0 ---  
Bill Gates' Statue Is Being Created by Nicolai Shmatko.
The well-known Ukrainian sculptor, the King of marble, Nicolai Shmatko is going to create the white marble statue of Bill Gates and with one's o...
ukraine 14-Sep-07 02:22 AM
by ukraine
0 ---  
Large Acrylic Prism Sculpture
Can someone help me place a value on this? It was created in the early 1980's by an individual. It stands about 4 feet tall, 6 inches thick a...
iowastudio 28-Aug-07 08:33 AM
by iowastudio
0 ---  
Rachel Nefcy
Hello all! My name is Rachel Nefcy and I am currently a senior at the Maryland Institute College of Art majoring in General Sculpture Studies. I%2...
rnefcy 23-Jul-07 09:55 PM
by rnefcy
0 ---  
Sculpture, Sculpture and More Sculpture
Hello, I'd like to invite you to visit my online gallery at http://www.arbitrarydesign.com. Arbitrary Design is a gallery of fine art...
ArbitraryDesign 21-Apr-07 02:51 AM
by babur3008
2 ---  
C Jere sculpture
We have a C Jere mixed metal relief sculpture of three children fishing on a pier (about 4 ft. long), signed and dated 1972 that was destroyed i...
Peaches 21-Jan-07 05:40 PM
by Peaches
0 ---  
Artist Curtis Jere
Hello, My name is Patrick and I am belgian. While searching for information on C. Jere I found these exchanges of opinion on C. Jere very interest...
Pik 1 20-Jan-07 07:51 AM
by Norma
3 ---  
Does anyone know about this art work from C. Jere'?
I just purchased a Wall Hanging done by C. Jere'. It looks like a Circus with a Ferris Wheel. It is very large. About 4'5" long to 1'10" ta...
Elements0201 05-Oct-06 06:40 PM
by Yes
1 ---  
C.Jere Sculpture
I have a 1970 Boy riding a barrell sculptor . I was on T.V. that there is a set of 6 (is that true ?) I know there is Boy with a kite. Boy with ...
Dianne 10-Apr-06 12:11 PM
by Dianne
0 ---  
Hi, I run the website Sculpture Boutique - Sculpture Gallery which features work from the artist Nikos Makis, A graduate of the Athens Schoolf o...
UndoUndo 08-Jan-06 09:54 AM
by UndoUndo
How do I get exposure?
I am a disabled veteran trying to supplement my retirement income. Below is proof of my skills at my web site. Can you help by passing along the wo...
Jerry Martin 06-Jan-06 10:10 AM
by UndoUndo
2 ---  
C. Jere sculpture of Victorian Bed
Just trying to get some info on this sculpture. I know who C. Jere is but I can not pin down when this was constructed. No date on the sculpture and I...
fromthentonow 09-Nov-05 08:00 AM
by Linda
1 ---  
Hello to everyone i am new to this forum but am in plastering and architectural business for quiet awhile. I do different works from pictures of wor...
Nicollo 18-Oct-05 08:39 AM
by Nicollo
0 ---  
Oil painting reproduction lower price
We have some reproduction oil painting in impressionist.Because we change our direction in painting from photo,So we want to deal with them The qu...
dhsart 31-Aug-05 04:33 PM
by dhsart
0 ---  
C. Jere
Hello, I am looking for any information on two C. Jere sculptures. One is a copper maple leaf wall sculpture which is signed and dated 1971. The ot...
Gwenny 11-Aug-05 10:50 AM
by Gwenny
0 ---  
painting from photo
painting from photo, We can tranform actor /actess face to your force,So you can hold a Japness Knife like Kill Bill , and gun like james Band...
dhsart 19-Jul-05 01:26 AM
by dhsart
0 ---  
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