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:) In Remembrance of portrait artist José Galvan (1910-2001). Paris Montmartre. Magic Art Impressionism ***********%...
galvan 15-Aug-03 11:48 PM
by galvan
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Art Gallery Safari: Bagging the Big One
Hi, I am the author of Art Gallery Safari: Bagging the Big One. It is a how-to-guide for the emerging artist, art collector, parents of ...
Cyndij 15-Jul-03 08:03 AM
by Cyndij
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International Plein Air Painters WORLDWIDE “Paint Out” Who: All plein air painters are invited to participate. You do not have to be a ...
J.Baldini 25-May-03 07:02 AM
by J.Baldini
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Bates Foundation Artist Residency Retreat Program
A newly formed program is now available to all artists looking for creative space and time. Please check out the submission criteria at www.batesfound...
piper180 07-May-03 09:35 AM
by piper180
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Database: signatures and monograms
Find the artist behind the signature here: http://www.signaturehelp.com 142.000 signatures and monograms....
Monica 11-Apr-03 04:27 AM
by Monica
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Good news for artists
Post your site free and also submit your classified Ads totally free. If you want to sell fast and reach buyers, then submit a paid Ad for $ 24.00...
amjadshelly 21-Feb-03 08:39 AM
by amjadshelly
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Employment Opportunity
Zatlers Inc. Art Studios is looking for a sales agent. Comission Based Partnership. Zatler’s Inc specializes in custom hand-painted murals,...
Zatlers Inc 18-Feb-03 08:15 PM
by Artmajeur world
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Famous French painter Lefauconnier
I sell to a collection of tables of the famous French painter Lefauconnier my father. Oils on fabric of landscapes of sea. Price of 5000 US$...
Lefauconnier 28-Jan-03 02:46 AM
by Lefauconnier
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Artistic Adventure in Mural Fresco Painting Seminar
Enhance your artistic skills and your business portfolio in this week long hands-on apprenticeship curriculum in fresco mural painting. Join Belinda H...
Belinda Harris 22-Jan-03 07:39 PM
by Belinda Harris
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Caribbean Artists
I'm looking for other caribbean artists (born or just residents) to join my caribbean webring! Any kind of artist welcome, musician, sculp...
whitegirl37jo 18-Jan-03 09:40 PM
by khofatt@shaw.ca
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January 16th-20th! BUON FRESCO WORKSHOP
January 16th-20th! BUON FRESCO WORKSHOP All Materials Provided! ONLY TWO SPACES LEFT! Each student of 5-day Class will paint and take home%0...
Iliamoderator 25-Dec-02 10:56 PM
by Ilia
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Art for Christmas and new year
NeT-ArT: Virtual Space for Art and Communication http://www.net-art.it ======================%...
NeT-ArT 24-Dec-02 12:09 PM
by NeT-ArT
0 ---  
NeT-ArT: new artists and free art services
NeT-ArT news - November 2002 http://www.net-art.it =====================%3...
NeT-ArT 12-Nov-02 10:05 PM
by NeT-ArT
0 ---  
Great Silk Paintings Site.
You all must check out Bite Of Asia , an amazing site with lots of great silk paintings. They also have great cooking recipes as well. Their...
John 25-Oct-02 08:49 AM
by John
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new site: schoons.com
Site includes sculpture, wall hangings and wearable art. Please, let me know what you think: http://www.schoons.com/...
Schoons 33 21-Oct-02 10:18 AM
by thefauxtasticartist
2 ---  
Hello all !
Bernard Dumaine would like you to visit his website, including paintings, drawings and digital art : http://www.e-mages.fr.fm You c...
Bernard 17-Sep-02 03:37 AM
by Ilia
6 ---  
mouart the collective name for paintings by artist Adam Adamou. Take a look. (http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/s/siblingscan/%...
junkshy 16-Sep-02 06:32 AM
by junkshy
0 ---  
mark(s) v3.02 release now available
mark(s) v3.02 features poetry by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge and Anne Tardos, the visual art of Heather McGill and Robert Sestok, a visual essay by ...
mark(s) 12-Sep-02 05:06 AM
by mark(s)
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My web site
I am artist, check my website at www.jaeger-inc.com Rachel...
rachel 06-Sep-02 03:15 PM
by Leslie
SAVE $75 on canvas!
For sale: about 9 yards of unprimed medium texture linen canvas. $275 includes shipping and insurance (mainland USA only). Save $75 over c...
louposner 04-Sep-02 07:49 AM
by louposner
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September 11th Fund
September 11th Fund The New York Community Trust and the United Way of New York City have created the September 11th Fund to mobilize financial...
adminadmin 27-Aug-02 05:36 AM
by admin
0 ---  
"Discover Fresco®" Workshop for Children Goes Chicago!
"Discover Fresco®" Workshop for Children Goes Chicago! On July 17th, artist Tansey Moyer has successfully conducted first "Lets Fresco%...
adminadmin 05-Aug-02 01:07 PM
by admin
0 ---  
Fresco painting presentation at Cleveland Museum of Art
Hi, I'm giving a free buon fresco painting presentation at The Cleveland Museum of Art Sunday, Oct.20th 2:00-4:00pm. The presentation is in...
nathan 19-Jul-02 07:49 AM
by nathan
0 ---  
fresco in cleveland
Hi, I'm trying to budget a fresco project. I'll be working on dsp board. I was wondering if the arrecchio layer is necessary on board.? T...
nathan 21-Jun-02 09:05 AM
by Ilia
1 ---  
All new Art Community Calendars Version 2.0
We are proud to announce a new "Art Community Calendars" service from TrueFresco.com We would like to invite you for a Scheduled Chat Event w...
adminadmin 20-Jun-02 03:42 AM
by admin
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contribute to a worldwide conceptual artwork
Hello, if you would like to contribute to a worldwide conceptual artwork in cyberspace, please visit my website: www.lineforawalk.cjb.net The...
lineforawalk 06-Jun-02 05:36 PM
by lineforawalk
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Artists Sought For Los Angeles Show....
I am looking for artists in the Los Angeles area. I want to put together 5 or 6 individuals that are interested in talking about opening a temporary ...
Ricole 01-May-02 11:59 AM
by Ricole
0 ---  
Themed Environments Artist
Annie Margarita Studios, Inc. is committed to designing and building high quality effects to create artistic personalized environments. We enhance ...
Annie Margarita 01-Apr-02 01:06 PM
by Annie Margarita
0 ---  
paintings and sculptures
paintings and sculptures. here: http://www.luigicervone.com...
Laura De Martino 23-Feb-02 04:16 PM
by Laura De Martino
0 ---  
fresco lecture-demonstration
A free lecture with a hands-on participatory demonstration on the technique of tradtional fresco will be presented by Walter O'Neill on Wednesday,...
Walter O'Neill 14-Feb-02 03:59 PM
by Walter O'Neill
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