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Conferences Fresco Painting Plaster Arts & Modern Plasters and Classic Plaster Finishes
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finishing/polishing for scagliola?
Hi, I am looking for informations on how to obtain the typical finishing of scagliola. What I found up to now is that you use oil and/or wax....
francesca 15-Aug-04 11:55 AM
by francesca
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Limewash or other technique over drywall mud & sand
I am building a new home and plan on doing my own faux work on the walls. I had a drywall mud and 60 grit sand mixture applied to all of the walls to ...
buffalobaroness 11-Aug-04 05:57 AM
by Shari
3 ---  
silkscreening onto concrete
I'm a concrete artist working on a public art project in California and I,m looking for anyone who has any experience, ideas or resources about ...
Kate 27-Jul-04 12:57 PM
by angelina
1 ---  
aging concrete
Looking for a technique to age cement pots and planters so they have an old world look. Thanks.Sharon:) ...
nanahof 15-Jul-04 05:07 PM
by Gary sculptari
1 ---  
I am ready to be a part of any interesting project
It may be restoration of a old building or it can be immitation of old in new building. I have big experience of work with modelling, plastering, ...
Nick1959 19-Jan-04 07:29 PM
by Nick1959
0 ---  
Looking for Decorative Plaster Work
I have very big experience in different types of art work especially in Decorative Plastering. I restorated the slave market in Charleston South Carol...
Nick1959 30-Dec-03 09:39 AM
by Nick1959
0 ---  
15 % magnesium oxide in Quicklime
Could that amount of magnesium in high calcium quicklime when it slaked and aged over 2 year be useful for intonaco coat. Is that time of aging enough...
Filip 20-Aug-03 11:22 PM
by Ilia
1 ---  
Looking substitute for fresco ground
Is there any substitute for rough fresco coat except use of aged lime putty. Somebody mention hydrated dry lime type N mixing with lime and cement ...
filip 17-Jul-03 12:17 PM
by Ilia
1 ---  
Looking for Master Plasterer for work in LA
I have some work in LA, doing a fresco ceiling starting in August. There is some possibility of ongoing work after that there as well. I am looking ...
karla 11-Jul-03 10:43 AM
by karla
0 ---  
"gypsum plaster"
Hi, I am wondering if I apply aged lime putty mortar over already existing "gypsum plaster" (it is placed on metal lath). Is it going to b...
Filip 10-Jul-03 02:45 PM
by Ilia
1 ---  
I want to learn the art of italian plaster and have enrolled in a workshop but, in the mean time,would love to find a reference book with techniqu...
Susan Rogers 29-May-03 01:14 PM
by Joe Greco
1 ---  
making lime paint...is it as difficult as making bread
In a previous topic it was mentioned that: "making your own lime paint is as difficult as making your own loaf of bread". My interes...
Mitchell Henry 04-Mar-03 04:14 PM
by admin
6 ---  
Help with finish
I am curious if there is anyone or anyplace I can find information on the traditional method of appling marmarino. I am using Agalite. I am a new post...
Ron 03-Mar-03 08:32 PM
by joegreco
1 ---  
removing whitewash from frescoes?
Does anyone have any experience or ideas about how to remove old whitewash from very old murals? This is in Greece, if that tells you anything abo...
janeybennett 30-Dec-02 01:23 PM
by re45
12 ---  
first attempt at fresco
dunno if you can see this. it is done on mdf craftwood - quite a small trial. i used lime putty mixed with crushed marble sand,two coats. i us...
re45 19-Nov-02 06:29 AM
by re45
3 ---  
raphael are you alive? I wish...
Hi....master plasterers. Venice, CA, here. I've never fresoed before. Looking forward to hearing from plaster marble dusted minds.. wolf...
wolf 21-Aug-02 03:23 PM
by Ilia
1 ---  
Green Building, Lime & Fresco
I ran across a website www.dirtcheapbuilder.com which is an excellent resource for building with traditional and green materials. Their bookshop is qu...
Gary sculptari 13-Jun-02 11:01 AM
by Gary sculptari
8 ---  
ashgrove lime
Ilia, have you heard of "ashgrove kemilime", chemical hydrated lime? If you go to their website and check the chemical compounds, it seems...
mathieu 06-Feb-02 10:53 PM
by mathieu
3 ---  
plaster ready to paint
I've been reading things about the coat of plaster "absorbing" the pigments in different ways at different times of the painting process. M...
mathieu 09-Jan-02 01:53 AM
by Ilia
1 ---  
cement walls
I am about to start a fresco on a cement wall. I had to clean the wall before from the paint, and i am wondering (before I put my first layer...
mathieu 03-Jan-02 01:05 AM
by Ilia
3 ---  
the only sand available where I live seems to be silica sand, the only one I can find without any salt and with angular shapes. I've tried t...
mathieu 02-Jan-02 12:35 PM
by mathieu
0 ---  
looking for a way to buy slaked lime. I just moove recently to hawaii, I guess I would have to ship it from the mainland... I'm looking for adress...
mathieu 15-Dec-01 09:33 PM
by mathieu
8 ---  
Plaster Arts
I must begin this forum with the referral to the best example of the contemporary Plaster Arts that I have found on the net - http://www.stucco-...
adminadmin 08-Aug-01 10:18 PM
by abbybwilde
Slip Trailing Art.
Hi I have alot of old pictures and have tried for years to find out what they are called. I also have box's that are treated the same as the frames...
RitaB 11-Mar-01 04:29 PM
by Ilia
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