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Artist Information
I'm looking for any information on an artist that signs, Vlasta Byrtus. He or she may have died in Erie, Pennsylvania, in May of 1999. The n...
Lockhart603 16-Oct-14 01:48 PM
by aartbk
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Wall murals art
Wall murals decoration can beautify the home environment, create a warm, comfortable and happy indoor atmosphere. It can also indicate the host'...
loscar 29-Nov-11 07:50 PM
by loscar
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Wunderly Brothers of Pittsburgh
Dear Friends.. Are any of you familiar with the Wunderly Brothers (1920-1930????), fine art dealers, of Pittsburgh? About thirt...
lilafran1967 03-Nov-11 10:17 PM
by patrick blaizel
10 ---  
December's Art Competition - Theme
Light Space & Time – Online Art Gallery presents a Juried Competition, in which 2D artists from around the world are called upon to make online ...
lightspacetime 02-Dec-10 07:33 AM
by lightspacetime
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Online Art Magazine..really cool..
Hey I found a great online magazine go check it out ? www.artsource-newsletter.org...
cyberpublishing 11-Nov-09 11:01 PM
by dallondama
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Commissioned Portrait and Oil Painting
We, Art Trouve, has been working with talented artists globally, by providing professinal portrait painting and oil painting drawing. We worked ...
rtouve 08-Feb-09 08:09 AM
by rtouve
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Art can be so colourful
Please take a look this site: http://www.arcade-gallery.com Each of these artists employs their own thought process, different sta...
artinheaven 26-Aug-08 12:07 PM
by jsrsolution
1 ---  
Online Gallery looking for artists, craftspeople...
uThrive.net is an established site that has recently started uThrive's Gallery. We are looking for artists, craftspeople, photographers, sculp...
uThrive 25-May-08 03:49 AM
by johnjsr
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Does anyone recognize this?
This painting is at least 50 years old and was bought at a furniture store in Ada, Oklahoma. It was auctioned off long ago and all I have is this pi...
addie78 26-May-07 11:58 AM
by admin
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Museum Quality Oil Painting Reproduction
e-softtech.com have 3 different grade of oil painting reproduction. The best is Top/Museum Quality. Usually our clients will select this grade for r...
ericftp 16-Jan-07 11:15 PM
by ericftp
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Artist Information
I am looking for information on an artist in water colors that signs with just the initials W N both caps. The work that I have is a country scene of...
Lockhart603 15-Jan-07 01:19 PM
by Lockhart603
0 ---  
Very Cool Animations by an award winning artist. http://www.artwanted.com/Leo_Da...
Leo Da 01-Dec-06 10:07 AM
by Leo Da
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Visit and state the ideas!!!!
Welcome in my gallery!!! If there are ideas or offers …. Write on E-mail - chirtoaca@chirtoaca.com I hope with your help to finish a sit...
constantino74 06-Sep-06 08:18 AM
by constantino74
0 ---  
Naked tee need help from artists
Hi, I have recently created www.drawmytee.com and is looking for people to draw on a single design. Your help is greatly appreciated ...
sogreen108 23-May-06 12:16 PM
by sogreen108
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Guest Speaking Opportunities on cruise ships
May I respectfully take a moment to introduce our company, Sixth Star Entertainment & Marketing. We are the leading provider of “Edu-tainment”...
ericb 18-May-06 09:08 AM
by ericb
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New Gallery
It is a wonderful journey to visit this web site and to view some good ideas. "He who makes me see under a different light what I see everyday ma...
pedronunes 09-May-06 11:36 AM
by pedronunes
0 ---  
Untitled (D'ya Think I'm Sexy?) - 2005 - Felix Rial
The latest piece from the prolific artist Felix Rial (1972, Montevideo, Uruguay) and the continuation of a body of work exploring the objec...
felixrial 10-Mar-06 04:37 PM
by felixrial
0 ---  
Royal Artist Competion
Captain Media announces the Annual 2005 "Royal Artist Competition". Winner gets $100 Cash Prize, National Press Release Recognition, Royal A...
captain media 13-Dec-05 08:25 AM
by captain media
0 ---  
Bahamas-Auction FREE SIGNUP!!!!!!!
The first official auction site out of the Bahamas http://www.bahamas-auction.com buy,sell and swap items and own your own storefront.Bahamas-...
BahamaHost 14-Nov-05 02:32 PM
by BahamaHost
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High quality oil paintings with cheap price!
Hello! Do you need some high quality oil paintings? Dali oil painting manufacture LTD. is specialized in supplying and exporting hand-painte...
roy 06-Nov-05 06:01 AM
by roy
0 ---  
Hi Im new. Have a look at my website. I welcome any feedback you may have so please email me or leave a comment on my websites comments page. Cheers%0...
Studiofive 05-Nov-05 07:16 PM
by Studiofive
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New group
Please visit my group http//groups.yahoo.com/group/jmarie...
jmarie 16-Oct-05 05:14 PM
by jmarie
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oil painting reproduction portrait
1. Oil painting reproduction. The cataloged and samples of us can be seen in our URL http://www.dhsart.com. The process (include way of paymen...
www.dhsart.com 25-Aug-05 06:37 AM
by Johnson Chong
1 ---  
Works Of Salomon Garf
Hello all! I am trying to locate any information in English on this artist. Recently an aquaitance came across a piece of art by this artist. I...
msnayray2 20-Aug-05 02:04 AM
by Ton Prast
2 ---  
Art Careers
Hello and Let me introduce myself. I represent over 20 artists and many art management assistants, all available to guide you in building your ...
Family Group Studios 01-Aug-05 01:39 PM
by Family Group Studios
0 ---  
Tokyo style
Hi ! hello ! I'm a painting artist,my back ground & home town in Tokyo city. I'm offer the real Tokyo style ! Thankyou. more i...
NiceBouquet 26-May-05 06:03 AM
by NiceBouquet
0 ---  
model nude for females email linepaint@zoominternet.net...
chad 27-Jan-05 08:02 PM
by chad
0 ---  
Visit my gallery I want to visually impose on what your eyes see. www.15kgallery.com :+ :+ :+ :+ ...
ozzie15k 09-Dec-04 11:15 AM
by urban chicano artist
2 ---  
World artistic nude female models list + needed
World Imodels World artistic nude female models list Details at: http://worldimodels.ios.st/Front/NewsNet/pages.asp?id=15349%0...
World_Imodels 22-Oct-04 01:32 AM
by World_Imodels
0 ---  
Sell art on our site
If you are a wholesaler and wants to sell your artwork fast, then you may place your Ad free on our trade inquiry section. We get a lot of buyers an...
amjadshelly 06-Aug-04 11:19 PM
by larryweiss
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