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Conferences Fresco Painting Murals & Trompe L'oeil
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Mural & Canvas - How To?
"Murals on Canvas - A How-To!" Author: Ilia Anossov Painting murals on canvas has many advantages then painting at the location. W...
adminadmin 08-Oct-14 09:19 AM
by LWolff
8 ---  
Painting on Flame Retardant Muslin?
I am a muralist and I am planning on buying the flame retardant pretreated muslin, mainly because I hear it shrinks less when stretched due to the f...
IrvingDan 20-Aug-14 08:52 AM
by IrvingDan
0 ---  
Trompe l'oeil and decorative painter Website
Good site, check it : ...
parker 26-Jan-14 01:42 PM
by arcarro
0 ---  
mural for coved ceiling
New to this site and could use recommendations. I'm up to do a mural for a coved ceiling. The room is square with a circular skylight in the middle....
Cocktail_Monkey19 26-Jan-14 01:37 PM
by arcarro
0 ---  
Help! Curved mural project.
I have the opportunity to produce a mural on a 4 ft in diameter (13 ft circumference) tower for my local library. I need to cover the surface with...
margaretdahm 22-Aug-12 01:55 PM
by MorriseyMorton
3 ---  
1st Acrylic Mural - Help please??
Hi, can anyone help please? I have nearly finished my 1st ever mural (voluntary) & 1st painting for about 20 years!! It's a bedroom wa...
tkg 30-Sep-11 12:43 PM
by admin
1 ---  
varnish for mural
I need recommendations for varnishing a mural painted with latex and acrylic paint on wood panels in an outdoor/indoor space. Specifically, it is...
lucce 13-Sep-11 07:32 AM
by admin
1 ---  
Need "how to" advice
I am bidding on a large mural project and need advice on pricing, "how to's" and installation. This will be in the form of a border from the...
mimi_who 25-Feb-11 11:58 AM
by mimi_who
0 ---  
New DVD & Blu-Ray Trompe l'Oeil workshop film in HD
Hello! Here is what is new from YvesArt.com. New DVD Trompe L'Oeil workshop: http://www.yvesart.com/Trompe_Loeil_Workshops....
YvesArt 06-Nov-09 11:48 PM
by ben33303
1 ---  
"THE ART OF TROMPE L’OEIL SEMINAR – PARIS, FRANCE" Upcoming International Seminar & Workshop From the author of "The Art ...
Yves Lanthier 24-Dec-08 07:42 PM
by Yves Lanthier
0 ---  
Removing mold from mural
I painted a mural on plywood several years ago and this winter it got little black specs of mold all over it. I usually re-seal it at the end of summ...
copper329 14-Feb-08 12:20 PM
by copper329
0 ---  
ceiling mural
hi i wonder if glued canvas to wall is also ok on a strait gypsum ceiling....
tomiboxer 01-Sep-07 11:58 AM
by admin
3 ---  
I am on a team designing an outdoor mural expected to last 100+ years. We are researching dry plaster applications including: lime wash; lime%2...
johnlhobson 10-May-07 08:23 AM
by admin
1 ---  
Ceiling Mural Help
Hello everyone. I have been painting murals for a bit now but have never done a ceiling. Any good tips for getting the image up there, what is the b...
artblue 31-Dec-06 09:52 AM
by admin
8 ---  
Sharing Useful Tips
As a newbie to painting, I appreciate useful tips. Here are a couple that I can share: First: when transfering an image onto a surface%2...
thefauxtasticartist 28-Nov-06 03:31 PM
by Tuema
5 ---  
mural on muslin
I typically paint murals directly on the wall, and have painted murals on canvas before, but they were tacked up. For an upcoming ceiling project%...
Staci Spivak 21-Nov-06 04:28 PM
by mariepierre
3 ---  
estimate sheets
Hello, I am starting a new business painting children's murals. I was wondering if anyone has sample estimate sheets. I am not sure how to ...
lily 12-Oct-06 07:38 AM
by lemontwist
4 ---  
need installer in florida
Does anyone know an experienced paper installer in florida, particularly the west palm beach area? I have a really complex job there. I am paintin...
Ardroze 14-May-06 11:05 AM
by Ardroze
0 ---  
I just started to take my art seriously and decided to do murals as a career. I have done a few murals here and there for family and friends, as wel...
artblue 30-Mar-06 09:27 AM
by wallrus
3 ---  
How to price decorative painting?
Hello, I am a student and I have been painting murals and portraits on the side for some extra money and experience but I have no idea how much to...
vintageyes 15-Jan-06 08:59 PM
by D. Windseth
2 ---  
Transparent look to foreground
Hey, i'm a pretty new painter. i'm painting a small mural for a few friends. Basicly I have a abstract city background. For the foregroun...
kperison 15-Jan-06 08:51 PM
by D. Windseth
3 ---  
First Mural
I am an oil painter but have a client that would like a ceiling mural in a bathroom (humidity). Would it hold up if I do it on canvas and hire a w...
Doug 13-Jan-06 03:06 PM
by D. Windseth
10 ---  
First Time Mural Artist
Hello Everyone! I'm so glad to have found this site! I've been commissioned to create a very large (4ft x 7ft) Mural and have a few q...
MazzyStar 08-Jan-06 07:09 PM
by Student Loans
11 ---  
best glue for hanging mural
What is your favorite glue for hanging murals painted on canvas? I am planning on using heavy duty wallpaper adhesive, but any suggestions of bra...
Macree33 16-Sep-05 03:57 PM
by Macree33
2 ---  
hidden murals
My house originally had frescos throughout. They have been painted over. Does anyone know the technique to remove the old paint and recover them? %0...
Joshua Armstrong 29-Aug-05 03:10 PM
by joshua armstrong
4 ---  
Self Promotion
I am a Decorative painter from Atlanta GA I have been painting murals and Faux for 23 years and have studied art even longer. What can I say – I l...
Faux Finisher 28-May-05 09:29 AM
by admin
1 ---  
What do you think about my murals? Any comment is welcomed! Thanks www.lmcmurals.com...
lmcmurals 17-May-05 09:41 AM
by Susan
9 ---  
Canvas choices for Murals
Hello, I am curious about the best surface to use for painting a mural. I have read about using Muslin. Some artists recommend standard primed tara ...
ardroze 06-Apr-05 09:37 AM
by admin
1 ---  
Materials and techniques
Hello and Thank you in advance for your kind help! I am brand new in this field but since very long time I am interested in creating trompe l'oeil...
Lilit 30-Mar-05 08:53 AM
by Lilit
0 ---  
Muralists - is it hard to find clients ?
I am Jan and have been a muralist and faux finisher for over 20 years, as a dyed in the wool artist type it has been a challenge for me to run a bus...
wallscapes by jan 07-Mar-05 10:07 AM
by artblue
1 ---  
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