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Acrylic Painting - Water
Hi I was hoping someone would be able to help me, I have done a painting (my first one) and for some reason I chose a landscape of trees and wat...
Marcus 06-Dec-05 06:18 AM
by Marcus
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help please!!
Hi guys... I need help!! This is going to sound so vague... A long long long time a go, I saw a beautiful painting of a father with his lit...
tyshkers 26-Nov-05 00:42 AM
by tyshkers
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Oil on canvas paintings
Dear all, You are invited to check out our new collection of oil on canvas paintings at www.rbfinearts.com website. There you can find pictures ...
valery 24-Oct-05 10:35 AM
by valery
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Join Online Arts & Crafts Shows
Buy-Sell worldwide with a featured listing. We are American Chamber for Art and Business Promotion. Contact us for on-going benefits and details. Subm...
Amjad Shelly 20-Sep-05 07:17 AM
by Amjad Shelly
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Any Peter Max Fans
I have been a fan for a while, but I am too cheap to buy the posters!! Is this one a good deal? Signed Peter Max Poster "Peace 2000" eby...
plaidacid 19-Sep-05 10:17 PM
by Peter Max
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Nude in Realism
Since the beginning of Postmodern, nude in paintings has decreased its reality, that is to say, its power. I think there are two reasons for ...
Anita 26-Aug-05 01:54 PM
by Gen e zzz
4 ---  
"THE ART OF TROMPE L’OEIL SEMINAR – PARIS, FRANCE" Upcoming International Seminar & Workshop From the author of "The Art of T...
Yves Lanthier 11-Aug-05 09:27 AM
by Yves Lanthier
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Hand Painted Leaf Paintings For sale
Artistic hand painted leaf paintings and greeting cards for sale. Visit: -http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/arvinda35/album?.dir=/e2a9...
arvinda35 11-May-05 09:10 AM
by arvinda35
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Hand Painted Leaf Paintings For Sale
Artistic hand painted leaf paintings and greeting cards for sale. Visit: -http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/arvinda35/album?.dir=/e2a9...
Ramesh G. Kotian 11-May-05 09:03 AM
by Ramesh G. Kotian
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Acrylic Painting Help
Im just starting to take up acrylic painting and the one thing Im clueless about is how to create a glow or shadow. I want to create a gradient going ...
James Carey 14-Jan-05 04:39 PM
by James Carey
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making egg oil tempera waterproof
Hello I'm trying to make an egg oil tempera using 1 egg 1 part of linseed oil and 2 parts of water but instead of titanium white i wanna use zinc ...
vibob 20-Nov-04 11:09 AM
by admin
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making egg oil tempera waterproof
Hello I'm trying to make an egg oil tempera using one egg 1 part of linseed oil and 2 parts of water but instead of titanium white i wanna use zin...
vibob 20-Nov-04 08:26 AM
by vibob
0 ---  
special liquid paints
Hello everyone! I'm looking for special paints from which I can create "moving" paintings. I want to blend the paints in a bowl of wate...
nurit 04-Nov-04 07:14 AM
by fuzz
1 ---  
Hello, You can fit in my new international directory. I kindly request to you to put in your bonds the logos of my directory and my site (...
MONTMARTRE 21-Oct-04 10:56 AM
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good website for famours artists
http://www.oilpaintings-frames-arts-crafts.com there are hundreds of famous artsists biography....
daisycf 27-Aug-04 02:51 PM
by Robert Nyhan
1 ---  
Greg Ferrand - Paitings Illustrations www.gferrand.com
My artwork can be described as social narrative with a strong influence from comic books, figurative art. ...
GregFerrand 25-Aug-04 09:30 AM
by GregFerrand
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need help with new project
hi, i'm currently starting up a new project. and i need some help -> your help. go to http://www.Lpaintings.tk and you'll see the %2...
L. 23-Aug-04 03:54 PM
by L.
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Hello Everyone
I am new to this forum but would like to introduce myself, my name in Jeannie and I am a mother of three, don't ask me where I find time to pain...
Jeannie 11-Aug-04 11:10 AM
by Jeannie
7 ---  
L. paintings
check out my work at www.Lpaintings.tk...
L. 10-Aug-04 09:02 AM
by L.
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New Website!! Oil Painting
i just put up a website of some of my oil painting and would love some feedback on the work and the site. thanks in advance. http://www.qu...
qunzhou 06-Aug-04 11:14 PM
by larryweiss
1 ---  
MY OIL PAINTINGS (comments are welcome)
Here are some of my oil paintings. Please comment This one is called "Endurance in space" oil/canvas, 70 x 70 cm...
Zhomen 06-Aug-04 11:07 PM
by larryweiss
4 ---  
Hi, Would really like some advice and feedback on my work and how to promote it, my website address is - www.ashley-stone.co.uk Thanks%0...
ashers 06-Aug-04 11:02 PM
by larryweiss
2 ---  
Ukrainian art - have a look and may be buy
Lugansk Art Gallery offers you original and affordable oil paintings and drawing for sale. At our site http:'//www.artgallery.com.ua styles...
luganskart 07-Jun-04 06:31 AM
by luganskart
0 ---  
acrylic painting
i am just starting to paint and i have to admit its more difficult than i thought; i just concluded my first painting and would like for it to shin...
paul hebert 12-Jan-04 03:15 PM
by paul hebert
0 ---  
artist query
hey all, im just on the hunt for info on an artist, all i know is the guys name is E. Frank he was around about 110 years ago in a town near emera...
a_n_d_r_e_a 03-Dec-03 11:50 PM
by a_n_d_r_e_a
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I need to hear your opinion
In the stable http://painterilya.narod.ru/V_Konyushne1.jpg...
PainterIlya 29-Sep-03 04:21 AM
by PainterIlya
0 ---  
Edip before the sphynx
PainterIlya 29-Sep-03 04:16 AM
by PainterIlya
0 ---  
Hi, my name is Ilyas Phaizulline. This is my scetch. If my art is intresting for you visit my art gallery http://Painterilya.narod.ru/indexE...
PainterIlya 29-Sep-03 04:12 AM
by PainterIlya
0 ---  
http://painterilya.narod.ru/Otverzenni1.jpg ...
PainterIlya 29-Sep-03 02:34 AM
by PainterIlya
0 ---  
:)In Remembrance of portrait artist José Galvan (1910-2001). Paris Montmartre. Magic Art Impressionism ***********...
JOSE GALVAN 16-Aug-03 01:54 AM
0 ---  
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