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HEY guys are there any of you that are very much into creative art design? I'm looking to collect cool graphics, designs that are interesting,...
Jag 23-Oct-05 07:18 PM
by Szilagyi Art
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Sergey Seitov
Hello! I am the author of the VChess. After update on the I lose the source code of my program. Please send me source code of th...
Sergey Seitov 23-Mar-05 08:22 AM
by andreew
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The players Community doesn't appear
I have just registered and download the program to play chess. . . however I have not been able to, since the players list doesn't open up. Can yo...
Juan Miguel Giralt 03-Mar-05 06:54 PM
by Juan Miguel Giralt
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Hi! It is a brand new club (about a month old) and we do not have many members who does not know me in "real life". However you are mo...
Iliamoderator 25-Jun-04 07:54 AM
by admin
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