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unregistered user
20-Sep-03, 03:26 AM (PST)
"Anyone want to debate?"
   I need to compose a argument on why art (paintings, sculpture, stuff you would find in an art gallery) is useful to society or not, depending on how you feel, for an essay... I need examples for evidence asap. Any contributions would be great!

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unregistered user
28-Nov-03, 01:23 AM (PST)
1. "RE: Anyone want to debate?"
In response to message #0
   Art works found in galleries are a source of inspiration for those who feel the need to interpret them. Society can take numerous benefits from art works. It allows one to be an independent thinker, and discover and experience one's own aethetic senses. Also it helps people understand their perceptions in a clear and deep way. Helps society to build structures in terms of self development and analysis of social and environmental attitudes.

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unregistered user
17-Dec-03, 05:55 PM (PST)
2. "RE: Anyone want to debate?"
In response to message #1
first of all, all art can be considered an inspiration. as far as society is concerned: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. the progression or evoluton of culture and civilization for that matter, hindges on the quality of that societies artists and thinkers. the quantity or the masses who have access to these new ideas, maybe controlled by the governing body but is not exclusive.

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unregistered user
15-Mar-04, 06:12 PM (PST)
3. "RE: Anyone want to debate?"
In response to message #2
   Art in all its forms is taken far to seriously I think,sure it can be influential,satisfying etc,but it is only appropiation . All art is appropriated, from the mind or from life or from other artists. who hasn't drawn their favorite cartoon at some stage or just doodled talking on the phone.For instance the destruction of the BHUDDAS in Afganistan a couple of years ago, was merely the destuction of the stone nothing more, the image was lost but to a bhuddist everything material in life is destined to crumble, decay and pass on.The stone statues are only avain attempt at immortality by the unseeing devotees,symbols are just that no more no less. My own art is regularily destroyed,painted over or even when the canvas is to heavy chucked, in the tip. I love process of making art, but I rejoice in relearning the art of art. Again taking art too seriously clouds the mind and stops the integrity of the artist developing.

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unregistered user
01-Jun-05, 04:39 PM (PST)
4. "RE: Anyone want to debate?"
In response to message #3
   To me, it's obvious that art does help society or something. I mean if there was no music (one of the arts), would we have the "top 40"? No. If we had no visual art whatsoever, would we even have museums? No. I rest my case.

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