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"Fresco Workshop Fall and Winter Schedule is on-line!"
ILia Anossov moved to the United States in 1992, from the Soviet Union, were he was already an established artistl. While receiving a scholarship from the 'Art Project Ark' Terranova Art Found. and working with the projects founder Mihai Popa, their discussion turned to the need to re-introduce people to the ancient art of buon 'true' fresco and to re-awaken its commercial accessibility for the public. Mihai Popa and Tundra Wold 'Art Project Ark' director encouraged Ilia to begin his quest to revive the Buon Fresco in America. He began his workshops to do just that...

"...Ilias understanding of the components and team effort is true to the past masters of the art. He truly is a visionary. It's been a year since the fresco was completed. It has changed it's outlook every day of the past year. Ilias talent is beyond merely fabulous. The technique in itself is an amazing art form. Ilias interpretation with and in the materials is exquisite. The beauty continues to evolve and intensify, as the fresco becomes its intended self. Seeing past the immediate results and understanding the final outcome is truly the realm of the fresco master..." Steve Upah, Patron

Nationwide Fresco Painting Workshop Program is proud to announce its Fall/Winter 2002-2003 Schedule and Newly redesigned Website!

It will be an exciting and educational year for everyone interested in Fresco. Our schedule reflects improved and expanded Class Level options as well as user friendly design simplifies online suport and technical guidance before the class in "Fresco Workshop Program" Forum (this forum, public) and after the class in "Fresco Workshop Students" (students only) Forum.

Welcome to the class!

Please post your suggestions and feedback as well as other questions! We are here for you!

learn fresco at

fresco painting video tutorials:

also visit

Fresco School Video Channel

Contemporary Fresco Gazette
commission fresco or mural

Contemporary Fresco Painting Resouce Center

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