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Mitchell Henry
Member since 2-Dec-02
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13-Aug-03, 06:41 AM (PST)
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"Notes from a fresco workshop student"
   iLia Anossov is one of only a very small handful of contemporary fresco masters in the US. He maintains a studio loft in downtown Los Angeles that he uses to teach the techniques of true fresco painting to aspiring students. iLia is able to accomplish this through a team approach. Together with Ian Hardwick, plasterer extraordinaire and Glenn Fischer, pigment and production specialist - both spectacular artists in their own discipline - iLia breathes life into the age old art of true fresco.

The people who attend his fresco workshops come from all over the country. You will find accomplished artists, absolute novices, and everything in between at one of his classes. His only prerequisite for attendance is that his students come with an open mind and the desire and willingness to learn the ancient art of “buon” fresco.

I recently attended a 3-day workshop that was a whirlwind of education. Both fast paced and entertaining, it was an experience that I found invaluable. Coming to the workshop with a limited background in painting, and even less experience in fresco, iLia quickly transported us into a world that I thought only existed centuries ago. After several years of research on my own and a lengthy period of trial and error, I was finally given the answers to the questions that I was unable to find in the limited resources available to those of us who are seeking to learn the secrets of this age-old art form.

Thank you iLia, Ian, and Glenn. I learned a great deal, and had a wonderful time!

Mitchell Nussbaum.

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