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"fresco workshop, june 03 report"
Group photo of June 2003 Fresco Painting Workshop with iLia Anossov in Los Angeles

Our June 2003 Fresco Painting Workshop was exceptionally successful and proved to be a major event in contemporary fresco revival. Each student has completed a fresco that would challenge an artist with prior fresco experience, however for most of our class that was their first one. After over 3 years in operation "Nationwide Fresco Painting Workshop Program" has picked up speed and extended its class length from 2-days to 2-weeks of Buon Fresco Painting running bimonthly in Los Angeles along with workshops scheduled across the nation. During Los Angeles 2-week of Buon Fresco students can pick from several class offers, but our intensive 5-day Professional program is limited to 5-6 people per class. Our next class begins on August 7th
( enroll here)
and there is only one space left. There is a new highlight of Los Angeles Buon Fresco Weeks - lecture on fresco relocation/restoration Nathan Zakheim, a leading fresco restorer/conservator. iLia Anossov and Mr. Zakheim have joined forces to generate support for a major fresco painting project

Nathan and Kuva Zakheim

involving iLia Anossov students. The project's model is based on similar WPA era Coit Tower Fresco Project in San Francisco which was organized by Bernard Zakheim ( more here). Fresco Restoration lectures are taking place in Nathan Zakheim's studio during restoration works on 45ft long fresco by Mexican Master, teacher of A. Siqueiros - Alfred Ramos Martinez ( more here) painted in 1937.

iLia Anossov believes that most efficient way to introduce artists to a new and complicated medium such as Fresco as well as explain and demonstrate techniques of the Masters is to allow students to work from the images of their own selection. Images and styles that each student feel comfortable with and had painted in other mediums. During the workshop Mr. Anossov is working individually with each student. His guidance and advice are targeted specifically to the individual student and his/her personal style. With this approach each student has an opportunity to learn the techniques of the Great Masters within the comfort of their own style and/or their own selection of the image. Although during the class students paint small-one day frescoes, iLia explaines in great detail the process of creating a large composition, using his original works as well as specialy prepared displays. As a result every student completes the workshop inspired to continue, achieving the result they did not think was possible on the first try. Many students come back again and again to explore and practice more or to take an advanced, "multiple giornata" class.

It is hard to underestimate the role of correctly prepared and applied fresco plaster for the successful fresco. "My father never talked about other fresco artists, all we could hear was about his plasterer" - said Mr. Zakheim about his father WPA fresco artist and activist Bernard Zakheim. iLia Anossov pays the same respect to his - Ian Hardwick. Students will find Ian extremely fit to get them ready to work on their own after the workshop. Every little detail will be explained and demonstrated.

Glenn Fischer an established metal sculptor in his own right has been iLia's friend and colleague in their collaborative sculptures for almost ten years as well as fresco color and pigment technician on all of iLia's frescoes. He will teach methods of grinding, mixing and storing fresco pigments as well as details "behind the scene" details of an onsite large fresco painting project and as iLia and Ian, Glenn works individualy with each student.

verdaccio by Wolf

As a student you will go through all the steps of buon fresco painting: design and preparation of the cartoon, mixing colors and grinding pigments, building plaster coats and laying of the intonaco as well as learning the methods of trimming and joining giornatas and climate/moisture control. You will practice building of the color and working with values and shadows. Verdaccio - underpainting that gives depth to frescoes of the Great Masters will show you the way to achieve richness of color with transparent fresco paints as well as it will demonstrate that "classic" ways of painting in fresco as well as other mediums is not limited to a classic style.

During August Buon Fresco Weeks in Los Angeles an advanced 2-3 giornata workshop will be taught. There is also only 1 space available for this class, advanced class is not for a novice and require prior fresco experience so please call 310-337-2783 about advanced option.

One regular professional 5-day workshop space is available - you will complete up to 4 small buon frescoes and will be able to work in fresco on your own after our 5-day Professional Fresco Workshop. There will be a class in the Fall, however this one is already on the calendar.
To enroll and/or learn more -

To see and hear via downloadable video interviews what others have to say about our program -
or start at our Fresco Workshop's home page at

learn fresco at

fresco painting video tutorials:

also visit

Fresco School Video Channel

Contemporary Fresco Gazette
commission fresco or mural

Contemporary Fresco Painting Resouce Center

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