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"info on adobe walls / LA fresco workshop"
   two things: 1)i am currently restoring an old abode house in Granada, Nicaragua. to avoid painting adobe walls, I am using a pigmented cal (lime plaster) coat with color added on top while wet-- just a beautiful wall full of subtle color and wonderful texture. (i am open to more graphic presentations on walls, too)anyone with comments, advice, questions, i welcome your responses.... 2)am interested in the fresco workshops in LA in June. which workshop would be best for me?


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1. "RE: info on adobe walls / LA fresco workshop"
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There would be several options:

Starting this spring/summer together with our regular introductory & professional workshops we will be offering an ongoing (extended) fresco programs in Los Angeles and Baltimore (MA).

Schedule of classes will be available in April, please join "Only Fresco" mailing list for the updates.

As a suggestion it would be the best if you enroll in 5 day professional class, since this workshop provides the most information/experience and gets you best prepared for the independent work.

You also can take a 3-day Professional class, however is is better if you will have 2 extra "practice days" that 5-day workshop provides.

It is also possible to have our instructors to teach you an individual class specificaly tailored to your current project. For this option contuct our office in Los Angeles directly at (310) 337-2783.

Lastly in June we will be conducting an indepth presentation/demonstration of the buon fresco technique, history and restoration techniques during this year's Fauxcademy Awards at Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada on June 28th. more at

FRESCO PAINTING - Contemporary Tradition.

This fascinating fresco demonstration is an excellent opportunity for you to get familiar with the creative process and concept of buon (true) fresco - painting on wet plaster. iLia Anossov (fresco painter), Nathan Zakheim (fresco restorer), and Masha Zakheim (fresco historian) will introduce their audience to the traditional method of the true buon fresco and erase most of the misconception about traditional buon fresco technique that one may currently have.
During this intense 4-hour demonstration, the viewer will be witness to: Preparation of the fresco panel using traditional methods and materials; Preparation and transfer of the cartoon onto freshly-applied intonaco plaster layer of the fresco panel; Selection and mixing of the colors from ground fresco pigments; Painting of a fresco using traditional technique starting from verdaccio (underpainting) to "Golden Hour."
During iLias' demo, there will be: Step-by-step preparation for fresco development of the concept and design, building composition based on giornatas (painting days); Developing of the cartoon and making tracings from concept sketch and color rendering to full-scale cartoon and color study; to Finalizing giornatas layout and making tracings.
The demonstration includes discussions on: Sand and lime mixtures; Humidity control and moisture; Scratch, rough, float, arriccio and intonaco; Painting and joining giornatas; Steps in painting and drying challenge; Plaster behaviors and planning of the painting day; Materials needed for fresco; Where and how to find and buy fresco supplies i.e. lime, pigment, brushes, etc.; Ways to apply skills and tools and equipment needed.
This is surely an opportunity of a lifetime. To be in the presence of these great artists and historians, together in one location, providing you with knowledge and insight into fresco, restoration and history that cannot be found in any other arena, this demonstration is priceless!


learn fresco at

fresco painting video tutorials:

also visit

Fresco School Video Channel

Contemporary Fresco Gazette
commission fresco or mural

Contemporary Fresco Painting Resouce Center

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