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"Fresco Workshop March 17th - 21st 2005"
The Fresco School is proud to announce a five day fresco workshop running from March 17th through the 21st. For this workshop The Fresco School continues their collaboration with renowned fresco conservator Nathan Zakheim. The combination of such knowledge and talent provides a rare and rewarding opportunity for the schoolís students. It is impossible to predict when a class of this magnitude will be offered again.

The students who attend these classes become acquainted with all the steps of buon fresco painting: preparation of the cartoon, mixing colors, grinding pigments, building plaster coats, laying intonaco, methods of joining giornatas, and climate/moisture control. They will practice building color and working with values and shadows. The students will be shown how to achieve richness of color using transparent fresco paints through the use of verdaccio under-painting. In addition to learning the classical methods, the student will also be instructed in modern and experimental fresco techniques.

The Fresco School and its skilled instructors have perfected a style in which individuals from a variety of different artistic background and skill can learn. The head instructor at the school, iLia Anossov, understands that people need to be introduced to a complicated medium such as fresco in a form that they know and understand. Each student will begin with an image and a style in which they feel comfortable. iLia believes that the more comfort the students feel, the more willing they are to attempt new and different techniques.

Ian Hardwick, the schools master plaster, will instruct students in the aspects of applying the layers of plaster needed to create a fine painting surface. Ian will demonstrate mixing methods, ratios and application techniques for each plaster coat used in fresco painting, and each student will personally apply and trowel each layer of plaster. In addition, the students will learn and practice the methods of joining giornatas needed for large panel and wall frescoes. Like iLia, Ianís style of teaching allows each student to practice and attempt each method themselves. Ian feels that a foundation based in hands-on experiences makes it easier for each student to continue their studies independently.

In addition to learning how to plaster their own boards, the Fresco School will supply the students with a number of previously prepared surfaces to practice their fresco technique. Students will have the opportunity to work on tiles, boards, and panels of various sizes. The Fresco School has also prepared 2 Ĺ foot square boards with fine wooden frames for the studentís more refined work. When the class is completed each student will take home up to four frescos, and the knowledge to continue their work independently.

Continuing with the schools history of holding classes in inspiring and unique environments, the Fresco School has the privilege of holding this set of classes in the studio of Nathan Zakheim. For those who may be unfamiliar with Mr. Zakheim, he is renown throughout the world for his work in fresco restoration and preservation. In addition to opening his studio to the Fresco School, Mr. Zakheim will grace the students with his knowledge, and lead a discussion on the different facets of fresco restoration.

The combination of iLiaís, Ian's and Mr. Zakheimís artistic and craftsmen knowledge is something that can not be missed. They will give students a unique look at both the creation of frescos and the process of restoration. The enrollment is limited so it is important that those who are interested reserve their spot soon.

Tho enroll in March 17th - 21st Fresco Workshop click this line:

In addition, to those who live in or around Los Angeles and attended our workshops previously or will attend the March 17-21 fresco workshop, the Fresco School is offering an extended fresco program, which includes weekly weekend consultations and once a month class with iLia Anossov. This extended program also offers a fully equipped fresco work stations and daily access to this wonderful work space. Extended program starts February 2005 only 4 units currently available (separate monthly fee applies).

Also, TrueFresco has started online publishing of iLia Anossovís book on fresco techniques at . The Fresco Techniques book is being published on chapter by chapter basis Ė follow up the publishing in you preparation for the class.

learn fresco at

fresco painting video tutorials:

also visit

Fresco School Video Channel

Contemporary Fresco Gazette
commission fresco or mural

Contemporary Fresco Painting Resouce Center

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