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Subject: "I'm not real."     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Flaming Pants
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02-Nov-00, 03:19 AM (PST)
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"I'm not real."
   LAST EDITED ON 02-Nov-00 AT 03:20 AM (GMT)

Now we will never know what it would be like to stand in front of each other, look, and know the future is ours.

To love so deeply and profoundly and never know what it is like to touch. Just words and static pictures on a screen. Cold and impersonal is our love. A burning love, though, with flames that reach for the sky, but virtually and non-existent. This is not real. This doesn't exist - not really. I'm not an ordinary person to you. You can shiut me out whenever you feel. Delete me and ignore me without ever knowing what it is to see my face as you do so and to know how much it hurts me. Because I know. Don't think that I don't.

If I was a real person, you wouldn't be able to shut me out, switch me off, escape from my face and my tears. Then maybe you would understand that my love for you is very real and that to me you are real. Just not me to you.

I'm flesh and blood. I have a heart. You promised me you would look after it, but it's hurting now... it hurts so much... that is real.

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abvg click here to view user rating
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01-Nov-02, 06:17 PM (PST)
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1. "RE: I'm not real."
In response to message #0
   You're lucky. I wish I wasn't real!



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Member since 6-Apr-06
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10-Apr-06, 06:28 AM (PST)
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2. "RE: I'm not real."
In response to message #0

flaming, all i can say is that i can totally validate how you feel! when we love, we love not the matter but the form, the soul behind the eyes, breath beneath the lips so much so when your love is unrequited, that person maims not your flesh but your spirit and even when you have hands and feet and heart, you cannot find any reason for your hands to move or your feet to walk or your heart to beat.

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Member since 6-Apr-08
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06-Apr-08, 08:44 AM (PST)
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3. "RE: I'm not real."
In response to message #2
   I honestly never knew how hard and complicated screenwriting was until recently. Im a film student at the International Academy of Film and Television and we were tasked to go over Robert Mckee’s Story: http://www.filmschool.ph Substance, Structure, Style and The Principles of Screenwriting book. I’m not even half way through it but its obvious what he wants to convey. The essence of a good story is unchanging and universal. These well crafted stories, the ones with multiple layers that follow a proven classical guidelines for story telling are products of an age-old craft. A craft that has been developed step by step for ages. Definitely not a walk in the park!

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