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26-Oct-10, 05:58 AM (PST)
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"A Living Beetle Brooch"
   Nothing makes stylish women happier than a pretty jewel encrusted brooch. However, is a jewel crusted brooch that’s a live really cool? Some think so, but animal rights groups do not think so. A woman surprised US customs when she told them her brooch was a live beetle incrusted in jewels! The beetle was covered in blue glass crystal sequins on top of a gold façade. The beetle was attached to a chain and the chain was attached to a safety pen that was used to attach the beetle to her sweater. The scary part is the women could have worn the beetle legally if she had the proper paper work, but because she did not the custom agents confiscated the live bug.

The official report account was as stated:

“CBP officers seized the decorative clothing accessory and sent the live beetle to the Plant Inspection Station at Los Indios International Bridge for further identification. Because the traveler declared the insect no monetary civil penalty was issued. Moving live plant pests in any form, including pets, imported into or exported from the United States must be declared…”

PETA obviously did not take lightly to this act and for once they were not over re-acting. A spokes person for PETA said:

“Beetles may not be as cute and cuddly as puppies and kittens, but they have the same capacity to feel pain and suffer. It’s ironic. We spend hours each week helping kind people find humane ways to relocate lost insects such as ants, bees and roaches that wander into their homes. People feel so good about not hurting them, while this woman paid someone to mutilate them.”

Living beetle brooches apparently went out of style years ago. It’s scary that anyone would want to wear a live anything period.



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