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Subject: "Want to help me shake things up?"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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unregistered user
21-Jun-05, 03:15 AM (PST)
"Want to help me shake things up?"
   My name is Alexandra VanSandt. I am a 21yr old published artist. I am inspired. I need your help.
I'm looking to shake up the scrapbook world a bit, make 'em a little uncomfortable, make'em face the TRUTH in life.


Publicity: Publication in major Scrapbook Magazine/contest Submissions

Format: Artistic Scrapbook

Title: "Life- It's NOt All It's Scrapped Up tO BE!"

This is REAL life. Not "The Scrapbook Image" portrayed in countless pictures of smiles, picnics, kids rolling in the grass with puppies and soccer games. NO! Who REALLY lives like that?! I know I certainly don't! And I'm pretty sure the majority of people don't either. I would like to remind these "Scrappers" what LIFE is really like.
This is where you come in (hopefully).

I'm Looking For....

  • 10 to 15 people to share with me your life stories.
  • I would like to know you're dreams, hopes, secrets, and fears.
  • I wish to hear the story behind the photo, what's goin on in your head?
  • Personal struggles, stories of loss, mistakes, and lessons learned.
  • I would love to surprise, the viewer with actual, real life.What is really being expierienced, and felt within the subject,behind the smile in the picture.
  • I desire to bring MEANING to the phrase "SCRAPBOOK ART". It is LONG overdue.

My Promise To You:

  • No names will be disclosed.Unless permitted otherwise.

  • You have the option to remain completely anonynous.

  • YOu decide what it is about your life youwould like to be represented. What message you would like to give to, (theorhetically)the world.

  • You have the choice to be involved in the artistic process, and contribute as much or as little as you would like, or not at all. (Besides sharing your magnificant life with me ofcourse)

  • You may provide pictures to represent your story, otherwise photos will be provided.
    (NOw I know that's NOT REAL, by staging photos, but it's not the photos I'm concerned with. It is the stories BEHIND the pictures I'm going for.)

  • I will send a copy of "Your" finished page to any address or email provided. BEFORE I submit to any publications, or contests. If you aren't satisfied with the representation, I will create a new one.



I would be greatly honored to hear your story. Don't let it be forgotten. I will capture it to the best of my abilities for the sake of art and prosterity.
Thank you kindly!
Alexandra VanSandt
Artichoke Arts

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