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Daniela D'Amato
unregistered user
08-Sep-04, 06:35 AM (PST)
"Exhibition Space Available"
   In September this year, I chosen to exhibit at 'On The Wall' held at Olympia Grand Hall, Kensington. This is a major new art fair in the heart of London for professional artists, publishers and galleries, however, recently, I was accepted to go to Italy and work in Pompei as part of the excavation team. This falls too close to the exhibition and so I have decided to cancel my place with On The Wall. The show starts on the 29th September until the 3rd October.

As I am cancelling, this space is now available. The price of the stand, which is in a very good position, (I managed to get it because of another cancellation) is 1551. It can be shared and as I have already paid for the deposit, this won't be included, therefore reducing this price to 1395.90. It is a highly prestigious event and has alot of PR and news coverage going into it, you will also recieve your own review in The Hill magazine (local to the area).

The size of the space is as follows: 3m x 2m wall space, 6sq m floor space. As the stand is on a corner, there is also an extra free wall on the other side of the 3m wall.

The press, PR and total coverage that is going into On The Wall is a phenomenal chance to get noticed! I also received 25 invitations that can be given out to friends, family and associates for the event itself and the launch party. There are also a company that fit screens, sound and any electrical requirements you have for this space that they will display and take down.

This exhibition will give artists the chance to advertise their work as Art and a product. Publishing companies, licensees and art dealers will be coming to see the show. This is the chance to get yourself some important recognition !!! This was a difficult decision for me to make but I cannot afford to pass up the chance to go to Italy and work. This space would also be ideal to share.

If there are any artists or galleries or anyone who feel may be interested in this space, please do foward this email.

If you are interested you can visit the website at or contact me on 07812 168272

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