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Subject: "Info on Stephan Smith's 'The Bell' and peace action!"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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01-Feb-03, 11:29 PM (PST)
"Info on Stephan Smith's 'The Bell' and peace action!"

Recently I was turned on to the singer-songwriter Stephan Smith and his new song, “The Bell”, the first song to come out post September 11 that really deals with our current political climate and the need for people to stand up for peace. I was so impressed and taken with Stephan’s commitment to the cause of peace and awareness that I volunteered to help. I feel compelled to share information of what Stephan is trying to do and try to get as many people to know about his music and passion for activism as possible.

I like to think of the line ‘blessed are the peacemakers’ and hope for the best; but all of our sources suggest war is imminent. While the fear stands that the powers-that-be will choose the worst in the coming weeks, the independent culture warriors are trying to wage a counter action to unchecked nationalist consumption and violent warmongering. Stephan Smith is working with many peace-based initiatives and other concerned artists to provoke a strong and profound response to the US-proposed invasion in the Middle East. Stephan is performing at activist events in Washington, D.C., New York, Chicago, and North Carolina, among other places in the coming months. Famous folksinger and activist Pete Seeger came out of his recording retirement to sing with Stephan on "The Bell”; Dean Ween (of the band Ween) plays lead guitar; DJ Spooky did a remix; and Corporate Sucker Films produced the video with Kurt St. Thomas.

We hope that this music will help to spread an alternative to the war march of the mainstream media and help to broker change and peace. To further contribute to a true alternative to the corporate arts world and the conventional media, Stephan has started an independent record label, Universal Hobo. Universal Hobo is dedicated to the integration of artistry and activism, and to providing people real music, with real content. An EP of "The Bell" (with alternative versions and the video) is coming out in stores on February 11 as the first release on the Universal Hobo imprint.

Stephan Smith wants to help spread the word in the Woody Guthrie tradition: “The Bell” is a song anyone can sing. For example, while doing a web search, I found that a peace group in Long Island is singing “The Bell” to close their meetings. At Stephan’s website, http://www.stephansmith.com, you can download the free lyrics and MP3 of “The Bell” and pass them along. Also in the Guthrie tradition, Stephan will come to sing and speak to anyone willing to listen. All he needs is a microphone and ideally a projector to show the video. For anti-war groups, he is waiving his performance fee, requesting only help with travel costs to help support the peace movement right now! You can book Stephan for a 45-minute concert or a 3-song addition to a rally. PLEASE TAKE THIS GESTURE OF SUPPORT for your ANTIWAR ACTIVITIES seriously! There has never been a more important time for us to rally around each other for the greater good than now. We can make change happen, if we are willing to try!

Please call Amy Hufnagel @ (908)-684-3574, or email management@stephansmith.com.

Jeremiah Birnbaum

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