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Andrew Blair Jr.
unregistered user
28-Jan-06, 05:08 AM (PST)
"Unique Concept!"

I think the website is fabulous conceptual art!

I particularly like the way in which the artist/s play an essential role on the site visual content. The site is combining the concept of advertising space with art. Artists as we all know pay a heavy price for their craft; they are continuously criticised and more often than not end up poor & unrecognised. In a world which is consumed with consumerism; it is refreshing to see a background distraction which reflects an old world of art. This contrast between graphical and non graphical art is very unique & interesting. The same theme of contrast runs through upon examining the concept of the struggling artist and the concept of rich consumerism i.e. the big companies represented on the site. The concept of the internet and internet sites seems so electronic and futuristic and so white in terms of design; the fact that this site decided not to conform is challenging to the eye but very interesting. The fact that Malstores.com has incorporated art on the site to help struggling artists also represents a unique concept. Most of us take it for granted that artists only become famous when they die! The way in which Malstores.com have chosen to challenge or ignore this common perception and decided to promote art throughout maybe, some say, even at the expense of making money, seems admirable. I found the site to be in good working order. The concept seems fairly new but it is proving to be a fascinating topic for discussion & debate.

Andrew Blair Jr.
Writer/ Art critique

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