How to prepare for painting a fresco (scetch, design, materials) Cartoon praparation. What it takes? (steps and tips) Preparation of the Wall or panel. Plaster ingredients and application. How to select, prepare and work with colors in Fresco? Principles of Fresco painting. Steps and tips Take a class! Enroll in our Fresco Workshop. Where to purchase Fresco materials? Technique introduction

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Buon Fresco Foundations: FRESCO PAINTING - COLOR
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Buon Fresco Foundations: FRESCO PAINTING - VERDACCIO
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Buon Fresco Foundations: V 3 - FRESCO PIGMENTS & PAINT
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Small Fresco Cartoon - directions and use
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Fresco Technique Overview
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Welcome! - FAQ
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Dear Visitor we have started publishing of Fresco Technique Tutorials by Ilia Anossov.
At the moment, in "Showcase" section of Modern Fresco Gallery, we are publishing introductory articles illustrated with photographs  taken during the creation of  Albuquerque Fresco. This articles should outline the topics that will be addressed in detail in this  section. Tutorials will appear on page-by-page basis. The order of articles are based on your feedback!

First article "Preparation" is now online.

To learn more about the technique and other details of Fresco Painting, please post your feedback and ask questions.
Please use the link below to tell as what you would like to know first!

Cafe al Fresco - "Ilia's Albq. Fresco forum.
Your questions and suggestions will help us in developing of the Fresco Painting Technique section of this website.

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For the moment join the discussions at the 

Cafe al Fresco - forums.

You will find several articles on plasters and 

will be able to get help. (click the logo)

Please continue to browse the site.

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Click here to view the step by step slide show about the creation of 425 sq. ft. buon fresco!

To order free fresco introductory video - click here


  Step by step tutorial on preparation for Fresco. We will guide You through development of the concept and design, building composition based on giornatas, calculating the time and steps, ordering material. 


  Developing of the Cartoon and making tracings. From concept sketch and color rendering to full scale Cartoon and color study. Finalizing giornatas layout and making tracings.


  Wall preparation. Plaster selection and application. Sand and lime mixtures. Humidity control and moisture. Tools and equipment. Tips from master-plasterer Ian Hardwick.


  Pigment selection and color preparation. Pigment grinding and storing ground base colors. Use of white and monitoring mixed colors during painting. Tools and equipment.


  Painting and joining giornatas. Steps in painting. Morning, midday, evening differences. "Golden Hour" and drying challenge. Plaster behaviors and planning of the painting day.


  Our Studio Fresco Workshop. Enrolment information. Pricing and schedule. "Learn Fresco painting technique first hand" from Ilia Anossov - painter and Ian Hardwick - plasterer.


  Materials for Fresco. Where and how to find and buy fresco supplies. Lime, pigments, brushes, etc. On-line ordering.


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