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INTRODUCTORY LEVEL TUITION | jump to professional level tuition

Los Angeles "3-day Introduction to Fresco"

Los Angeles -
 "Introduction to Fresco" - 3 days -

Full Tuition Payment - $550.00
(Pay Full amount now and save Registration/Reservation Fee)

Los Angeles - "Introduction to Fresco" - 3 days.

Registration/Reservation Fee - $35.00



PROFESSIONAL LEVEL WORKSHOP TUITION   | jump to introductory level tuition

Los Angeles "Classic 5-day Professional"


Workshop Full Tuition - $2225.00
(Pay Full amount now and save Registration/Reservation Fee)

 Registration/Reservation Fee - $125.00 

 Tuition Deposit - $1275.00 
(includes discounted Registration/Reservation Fee - $100.00)

Tuition Balance - $1050.00

 "6-day Private Professional Fresco Workshop"


Workshop Full Tuition

Additional (Second - if coming with associate) Tuition
 -  $2550.00 

Registration/Reservation Fee
 -  $325.00


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$75.00 (includes $25,00 materials fee)

 For alternative payment method call our office (310) 337 2783

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