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Buon Fresco Foundations DVD Video Set
Fresco School is proud to announce the official release of the DVD Tutorial - "FRESCO PLASTER" from their "BUON FRESCO FOUNDATIONS" video set....
adminadmin 19-Apr-09 12:08 PM
by admin
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Call for Art - January's Theme
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery presents a Juried Competition, in which 2D artists from around the world are called upon to make online subm...
lightspacetime 23-Dec-10 03:31 AM
by lightspacetime
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December's Art Competition - Theme
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery presents a Juried Competition, in which 2D artists from around the world are called upon to make online ...
lightspacetime 02-Dec-10 03:31 AM
by lightspacetime
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The Art Interview - 23rd International Online Artist Competition is a quarterly, international, juried exhibition of paintings, drawings and scu...
artinterview 05-Oct-10 03:54 PM
by artinterview
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Call for Artists: Deadline 30 September 2010
The Art Interview - 22nd International Online Artist Competition is a quarterly, international, juried exhibition of paintings, drawings and scu...
artinterview 31-Aug-10 11:54 AM
by artinterview
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Arts & Craft Shows in USA
Art Festival, over the last 24 years has provided Art Shows, Craft Shows & Art and Craft Festivals around the Country. Art Festival exhibited ...
ArtFestivalUSA 28-Jan-09 11:54 AM
by ArtFestivalUSA
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WIN $500 // ACLU Design Contest
ACLU Restore America Poster Design Contest The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is hosting a Restore America Poster Design Competition. ...
ateqah 18-Dec-08 11:54 AM
by ateqah
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Transitions Dance Company was founded by Bonnie Bird (1914-1995), and is the UKs leading graduate dance company set up to bridge the gap betw...
labanonline 28-Nov-08 11:54 AM
by labanonline
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Memory project - tech art installation
There was an installation at London's South Bank, a large dome with 12 cameras around it, taking panoramic pictures every minute. The installati...
toasted 24-Apr-08 11:54 AM
by toasted
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Fresco Painting at Blogspot
Now you can view Fresco School videos, posts, selected, Contemporary Fresco Gazette entries and posts by iLia Fresco (Anossov) http%...
adminadmin 19-Apr-09 12:07 PM
by admin
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Found a new and interesting website!
Hey guys...found this site: www.artsource-newsletter.org... Nice site......
cyberpublisher 23-Feb-08 04:58 PM
by cyberpublisher
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The Art Interview - 12th International Online Artist Competition is a quarterly, international, juried exhibition of paintings, drawings and scu...
artinterview 12-Feb-08 04:58 PM
by artinterview
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This site contains prices price info on all sorts of fine art oil paintings, etchings, engravings, watercolors, drawings, sculptures. To...
Rose_Artinfo 12-Jul-07 04:58 PM
by Rose_Artinfo
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Do you want to participate in a competition?
Are you talented? Are you interested in joining a competition but don’t known where to find one? Well! We at http://www.comp...
jones seo 22-May-07 04:58 PM
by jones seo
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Dose anyone else draw manga or is it just me? :(
Sure I can draw and paint just like other artist, but it seems that I'm the only one who loves to draw manga. Please tell me that I'm not... I%2...
tsuki_kumo 08-May-07 08:11 AM
by tsuki_kumo
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Hi I just wanted to tell everyone about a new free message board for contemporary fine artists. It was set up by some graduates from Central Sai...
djpumpkin 02-Feb-07 03:02 PM
by djpumpkin
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2007 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition
2007 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Agora Gallery of New York City is pleased to announce its 22nd juried competition. Awards includ...
Agora-Gallery 14-Jan-07 09:05 PM
by Agora-Gallery
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a good gallery
hey,here is a really good gallery,it provides than 1000 paintings in store,originals and reproductions.Now it has Christmas special offer...if y...
zmz gallery 05-Dec-06 09:55 PM
by zmz gallery
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EXHIBITION PROMOTIONAL OFFER CALLS FOR VISUAL ART ENTRIES And Get One Free Exhibition Venue Of Our Choice In 2007 When you book Studio 95 ...
Ickenox 16-Jun-06 03:28 AM
by Ickenox
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Mail Art Exhibit to Benefit Cancer Research
I would appreciate it if you would pass this information on to any artists that you might know ... Theme: "Just Imagine...(a world without ...
Shutterbug 08-Jun-06 07:35 AM
by Shutterbug
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Chennai's only boutique hostel.
Dormitories & deluxe rooms are available for rent in CHENNAI. Elements hostel is Chennai's first hostel which is Luxurious, affordable, s...
Lawanyakumar 26-May-06 02:15 PM
by Lawanyakumar
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Poverty and Homelessness: A global art competition
Poverty and Homelessness: A Global Web-based Art and Digital Photography Competition What does homelessness mean to you? How has poverty ...
mmspeight 04-May-06 09:51 AM
by mmspeight
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The Fauxcademy of Decorative Finishing Awards 2006
There are several events and expos available out there, each with its own purpose, and each with similar things to offer; a chance to play with ...
adminadmin 01-May-06 11:19 PM
by admin
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Please review - Pacific Artisans - ver 2.0
Hello – Please help us refine the Pacific Artisans Community by reviewing http://www.pacificartisans.net and giving us your feedba...
edahan 25-Apr-06 11:24 AM
by edahan
0 ---  
Fresco School - all new!
Hi Everyone, About a month ago we have invited you for a preview of new Fresco School website. Those of you that have visited the site and s...
adminadmin 07-Apr-06 11:19 AM
by admin
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New To The Forum: Hello All!
www.paintingsonline.blogspot.com hi, all. i am mai and am quite new to the forum. they say the best way to introduce yourself is through your ...
iam_mai 06-Apr-06 11:41 PM
by iam_mai
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make this magazine zeeks submissions
Hello friends, Make This Magazine is pleased to announce the new theme for issue four: Synesthesia. Does hearing sounds make you see colo...
make this magazine 30-Mar-06 08:06 PM
by make this magazine
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check out this movie!!!
has anyone seen this movie called modigliani? i got it interning at umvd. its about the painter from the 20's played by andy garcia. i heard it wo...
onlytranslating 20-Mar-06 05:50 PM
by A fan
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National Call for Art: Pretty Girls & Robots
NATIONAL CALL FOR ART: UAG (Upstate Artists Guild, 247 Lark St, Albany, NY) is accepting entries for their first National Juried Show P...
Curtis 13-Mar-06 03:17 PM
by Curtis
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Rich Art powder and liquid fresco paint
Krytho I recently ran across Rich Art powder and liquid fresco paint. It's very cheap and I'm using it like ordinary opaque watercolor or tempera....
Krytho 06-Feb-06 04:31 AM
by faithtld@aol.com
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