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Pacific Artisans - Version 2.0 - please review
We launched Pacific Artisans Version 2.0 last week. Please take some time to review the site and send us your comments, suggestions, thoughts . . ...
edahan 08-Aug-12 06:35 AM
by BrittanyTeller
1 ---  
Where can I get advice on how to treat a picture damaged by fire, please?...
sycamore 13-May-12 10:11 PM
by AngelaLee
5 ---  
Creating a Virtual Gallery
To the online artist, it might seem a paradox, at first glance, to hear a recommendation to hold back work. The artist on the Internet often ove...
Cyndij 03-Oct-11 03:46 AM
by shekinahartgallery
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Nature and art in one (the hitherto unknown style)
please take a look these particular and enjoyable paintings. http://www.splash-ink-painting.com/ Cheers! Ingrid ...
ingridtells8 03-Oct-11 03:44 AM
by shekinahartgallery
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Geoffrey Gorman - The Business of Art Introduced
http://www.truefresco.com/Gorman.jpg Written By Geoffrey Gorman - Art Career Advisor [i]ďThe art trade is a discreet,...
adminadmin 14-Apr-11 07:39 PM
by sadmemories20
6 ---  
Lets talk abour Web Advertising for Art Website
Hey Guys, I'm interested in different methods of advertising for Art website in the Internet. Maybe someone have some experience in promotion...
worldartnames 10-Nov-09 00:02 AM
by ronaldoipl
0 ---  
The best site on Chinese Pottery & Ceramics
Recently I discover a new web site for Chinese Pottery and Ceramics. You can even buy the product you like. Itís a wonderful site and you can visit ...
kevin_476 27-Oct-09 12:40 PM
by tiberaflynt
1 ---  
Porcelain Statue
Hello! I have recently acquired a lovely porcelain statue at an auction however I am not sure where to begin with my research of it's origins. I a...
conner_9a5 23-Feb-07 08:49 PM
by conner_9a5
0 ---  
An Alien World ! ! !
An interesting thing has happened to my career. Perhaps someone can help me understand, but donít get me wrong, Iím not griping merely lookin...
forick 24-Nov-06 09:38 PM
by kevin_476
7 ---  
Ask Geoffrey Gorman - Questions and Answers. Post your ... [View All]
In this discussion thread Geoffrey Gorman will answer your art marketing questions. You are also welcome to share your own art marketing experience an...
adminadmin 24-Nov-06 09:34 PM
by kevin_476
21 ---  
Info. Req. for Chinese Calligraphy and Scrolls
I am doing research on Chinese Calligraphy and Scrolls. I have been searching the internet for information for some time now. I would appreciate if so...
scott 18-Nov-06 01:06 AM
by dawsonn
1 ---  
Hi all, Check out the new online art web show at http://www.artwebshow.com and let me know what you think...
arthost 31-Oct-06 00:22 AM
by arthost
0 ---  
abstract oil painting , portrait chinese art studio
Our studio (http://www.dhsart.com) found in 2001. We have about 20 talented artists working together. Our business includes painting from ph...
panyd 06-Sep-06 01:46 AM
by panyd
0 ---  
Value of a painting
Sorry if this is not the correct forum to post this! I'm trying to find out the value of a painting for my grandmother and was wondering if anyon...
mlc82 25-Apr-06 11:52 AM
by mlc82
0 ---  
International Galleries - World's Largest
Join for FREE , so you can check out your back office, you'll love I.G.I People are earning Hundreds of Thousands MONTHLY !! http:...
captmatrix 14-Sep-05 11:15 PM
by LaurieKristensen
1 ---  
IGI - Offers a Way for Artists to Fund Their Career
Hello! IGI offers a lucrative opportunity to earn an income in an art-related business, so you can have the necessary funds to pursue your pa...
LaurieKristensen 14-Sep-05 11:10 PM
by LaurieKristensen
1 ---  
Gallery Commissions
I have just recently become the manager of a Gallery in Bermuda and have a question : When we sell a piece of art work and there is an agreement f...
Sophiecressall 06-Aug-04 11:02 AM
by Diane_Overcash
2 ---  
Marketing Art on The Internet
this post is deleted due to the concern of the poster...
levenson 07-Jul-04 06:16 PM
by levenson
0 ---  
Space for art
"Lugansk Art Gallery" offers its virtual space for your artworks. You can place them here as high-quality electronic images along with the p...
luganskart 07-Jun-04 06:32 AM
by luganskart
0 ---  
I am looking for advice on how to make more $ as a freelance artist. People who have seen my work say that it is good. But I am not sure who I sho...
marj 08-Mar-04 11:14 AM
by marj
0 ---  
FREE eCommerce-enabled art web sites
Interested in easily creating your own artist web site? Wish to add the ability to sell your art through your existing web site? Access Art...
JimG 30-Jan-04 07:06 PM
by JimG
0 ---  
send us our calls for entries, please
we'd love to get your calls for entries. calls@MARNonline.com http://www.MARNonline.com...
MARNbrenner 15-Dec-03 03:41 PM
by HotcakesGallery
1 ---  
Overcoming Sales Objections with Questions
I've got this article in a newsletter, i think i should share it with everybody here. Overcoming Sales Objections with Questions-Your Most E...
Iliamoderator 18-Sep-03 11:20 AM
by Cyndij
1 ---  
Finding your marketing venue
As an art marketing professional and the author of a book directed to those who seek land-based gallery representation, I have focused on the goals ...
Cyndij 18-Sep-03 09:33 AM
by Cyndij
0 ---  
New Arts Web Magazine
International Art Treasures celebrates arts and artists - the October edition is online. (Hopefully I'm posting this in the right forum). I...
jac 18-Sep-03 08:36 AM
by jac
0 ---  
" Money - Everything and Nothing"
Translated in so many ways. Walter Paul Bebirian Photographer and Artist has Translated "Money" into a work of art. Walter's representation of %...
michelle2003 24-Jul-03 09:27 AM
by michelle2003
0 ---  
old art
Has anyone heard of an artist A. Chivata please:o :o ...
sycamore 26-Jun-03 02:58 PM
by sycamore
0 ---  
Call For Artists
Over the past seven years, Londons Times Cartoons has become one of the most popular single-panel cartoon on the Internet. For years, our visit...
beardiethor 26-Apr-03 01:10 AM
by beardiethor
0 ---  
Photos scanning and editing services
We charge $ 7.00 per photo for scanning and accept all types of pictures....no exceptions. We also create banners and convert bmp images to gif and ...
amjadshelly 13-Apr-02 10:36 AM
by amjadshelly
0 ---  
I'm looking for buyers and sellers
Buyers and sellers of art may submit their sites free. We introduce artists free on our online newspaper. We locate buyers for serious sellers. Visit ...
amjadshelly 02-Dec-01 12:28 PM
by amjadshelly
0 ---  
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