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ArtHamptons & The Mark Gallery
We are participating in this wonderful event this year. It has received numerous accolades throughout the years. Art Hamptons - The Internationa...
markgallery 09-Jan-14 09:29 PM
by Leopold
1 ---  
Id like some honest critiques plz
I hope Im posting in the right place , its my first time here :) Every critique will be highly appreciated , thanks....
Zeda 03-Oct-11 03:34 AM
by shekinahartgallery
2 ---  
Things To do Before you tattoo
Hi everybody, Once I had a terrible experience with tattooing, as I applied a tattoo without collecting enough information about this process.%...
stvalentine 07-Apr-11 10:49 AM
by paul123
2 ---  
What to look for before buying an Embroidery Machine ??
Hi Everyone,:7 My name is Olivia and I love to digitize and create things with my embroidery machine. I also love doing nails and teaching Doub...
monaliza 31-Mar-11 10:33 AM
by paul123
1 ---  
A Living Beetle Brooch
Nothing makes stylish women happier than a pretty jewel encrusted brooch. However, is a jewel crusted brooch thats a live really cool? Some thi...
monaliza 26-Oct-10 05:58 AM
by monaliza
0 ---  
Crochet Patterns for the Scarf
For your man or woman to generate a scarf, it'll require some yarn. This might be found inside specialty shop that comes in plain or in multi-colo...
monaliza 19-Oct-10 03:58 AM
by monaliza
0 ---  
Do I have any talent or should I just give up?
Hi, I'm just looking for an opinion other than my husband's. What do you think?...
samsbrowneyedgirl 14-May-10 04:02 PM
by hazelnice
5 ---  
A piece in search of a name
Here is my new piece: http://www.uviart.com/images/spreada.jpg http://www.uviart.com/images/spreadb.jpg http:/%...
Uvi 19-Aug-09 04:11 PM
by Uvi
3 ---  
i want to know your opinion please
the work is a mix media a combination of Acrylic and oil ,and plaster statue collage the portrait painting is a collage attachment - a little can...
shakeh 10-Dec-08 12:28 PM
by shakeh
0 ---  
Gary Hume analysis
Hi there, I am a pupil at Keswick School, UK studying Art at A level, In one of my current projects I am analysing a piece of work from Gary H...
Peter Scott 27-Sep-08 01:18 AM
by girlsgen
2 ---  
How to choose an ecommerce product?
In the part I, I had discussed briefly about how most of the small businesses go about selecting a product, whereas a successful small businessmen...
ramukumar 04-Jul-08 01:59 PM
by ramukumar
0 ---  
How to choose an ecommerce product?
What is ecommerce? Ecommerce can be described as a commerce conducted electronically. It is the whole process of being able to make a sale of the ...
ramukumar 04-Jul-08 01:57 PM
by ramukumar
0 ---  
Scientific inquiry in modern art
He suggested I play golf, but finally agreed to give me something that, he said, "would really work"; and going to a cabinet, he prod...
blackmore 06-Jun-07 10:23 PM
by blackmore
0 ---  
The site about painting is created, help to discuss...
I wish to offer you the forum for dialogue concerning art, painting and easier life. Come, be registered and communicate. Forum: http://...
mimoXodom 13-Nov-06 01:04 PM
by mimoXodom
0 ---  
Important to listen to your criticism about painting!!!
http://artsartori.narod.ru/images/000026b-small.png http://Artsartori.narod.ru/ Site certainly not so, but it is simpl...
mimoXodom 30-Oct-06 04:13 AM
by mimoXodom
0 ---  
Criticism look here...
I need some critic type statements to add to my stack of nonsense that I send to galleries etc. I have attached a couple of my paintings for anyones ...
forick 02-Apr-06 08:34 AM
by Lec N
3 ---  
personal investigation
i need to produce a focused and analytical study on an artist based on a question, theory or point of view i intend to examine related to the artist...
Sayuri 12-Dec-05 09:21 AM
by megan
2 ---  
Critique my pastel
Tell me what you think.Give me any info you can about what i can do to better myself. (http://www.lazygnome.com/art/pages/Absinthlife_...
Hio 24-Oct-05 04:16 PM
by laurie
1 ---  
What IS and ISN'T art
Hello, I am looking for ideas about a talk to illustrate what is and isn't art. I want to talk about what IS considered to be art today but that...
Mulungo 14-Oct-05 06:27 PM
by Matthew Provonsha
1 ---  
Older Artists getting on the internet
I have been a lover of all forms of art for over 30 years and only recently I have gained acess to the internet. It has been an eye opening experience...
kent r hiaic 07-Sep-05 11:55 AM
by marvin34
1 ---  
Critical Notes wanted!
I would like very much to receive Critical Notes for the works in Site: http://www.apostolos.nl It will be very important for me.%...
digitdal 07-Aug-05 03:24 PM
by digitdal
0 ---  
Just finished Portrait, Notorious Big
I just finished this portrait it can be found here, a little too big for uploading 52k http://www.bluwone.p4h.info/artwork/big.jpg...
bluwone 05-Jul-05 10:48 AM
by bluwone
0 ---  
Any language/text-based ART you like?
Like Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer et al.? I think these two made words and images or words AS images could be taken seriously as art.:+ ...
Mulungo 10-Apr-05 05:19 PM
by Mulungo
0 ---  
New web site (your opinion welcome)
www.artbyevguenia.ca Thank you, Evguenia Ioganov...
Evguenia 30-Nov-04 02:54 PM
by Evguenia
0 ---  
illustration critique
Looking for some pointers, although art is art and this is how i expressed myself at the time....need some direction on how to do that better, ha....
carrie 16-Nov-04 10:54 AM
by Seamus Lysaght
2 ---  
Peter Paul Rubens
Is there anyone out there with a passion for Rubens? I'm looking for others to share thoughts, questions, information about the life and work ...
johnofcharlton 25-Apr-04 01:11 PM
by johnofcharlton
0 ---  
character concepts...........
I recently added tons of new updates to my website: www.hyena-empire.com http://www.hyena-empire.com/pics/char_01.gif %...
joe watson 06-Nov-03 08:35 PM
by admin
1 ---  
:) In Remembrance of portrait artist Jos Galvan (1910-2001). Paris Montmartre. Magic Art Impressionism ***********%...
JOSE GALVAN 16-Aug-03 01:36 AM
0 ---  
Impressionism/New Spirits
Would like some feedback. Not sure if this even uploaded correctly.... thx jl...
Jodi_Levy 12-Jun-03 07:57 AM
by Ilia
1 ---  
Critique this one if you dare
I am Suitmonkey,Many love my cynically abstract brand of dark humor and slightly graphic images....What do you think...
Suitmonkey 20-Feb-03 07:03 AM
by Suitmonkey
0 ---  
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