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[h3]"Paintings" - group exhibition at the Cafe al Fresco[/h3] [b]Welcome to create Paintings Gallery at the Cafe al Fresco!%0...
adminadmin 18-Apr-11 07:31 AM
by paul123
4 ---  
buy beautiful oil paintings at low price
The perform, also known as ˇ°Episode From the Cure of The united states,ˇ± was among 202 paintings that were came back to Marei von Saher%...
babington 08-Jul-13 11:13 PM
by babington
0 ---  
The Puppet and I
here is my new oil painting: http://uviart.com/images/puppeti.jpg ...
Uvi 25-Mar-13 12:13 PM
by admin
1 ---  
oil paintings
Please give me feedback on my work by email or my comments page. Thankyou http://www.art-at-studiofive.com ...
Studiofive 18-Mar-13 10:21 AM
by lusieswan
1 ---  
portrait from photo
Our studio (http://www.dhsart.com )found in 2001. We have about 20 talented artists working together. Our business includes painting from ph...
panyd 08-Mar-13 10:55 AM
by elisanacpinto
0 ---  
Modern Abstract Paintings Buy Art Purchase Online
Modern Abstract Paintings Buy Art Purchase Online Web Store - Original Abstract Home or Office Paintings by Robert R Splashy Art Splash Painting. Here...
jashid 06-Apr-11 09:34 PM
by goaimran
1 ---  
The Legacy of Remo Trentini [View All]
Greetings, This brief note is an introduction to The Legacy of Remo Trentini. Below is the link to our site. Please, take the ti...
Dawson 14-Sep-10 00:18 AM
by billyy2288
22 ---  
Art – a bridge between culture & politics
From skillful caricaturists to passionate crusaders for political causes, Israeli artists have throughout history in one form or another created a p...
Barry 17-Jun-10 07:28 PM
by hazelnice
1 ---  
I would like your opinion
Hi all, I just made up a website to expose some oil paintings and I would like to know what others think about it. Please take a look and if it...
romanulnr17 16-Jun-10 07:59 PM
by hazelnice
2 ---  
Identify Artist Signature
Please help me identify the artist of the attached painting. The signature of the artist is very visable. Thank You, D. Ashley ...
altoria 14-May-10 04:33 PM
by hazelnice
1 ---  
Noena Pusi the new talent of Albanian art of painting
Noena Pusi is only 19 years old and very talented painter, I invite you to check some of her work and not miss on this gem of Albanian art of painti...
L Neli 11-Nov-09 05:02 AM
by arden94
0 ---  
Question about Modigliani's Paintings
I recently came across a movie called Modigliani at my internship at Universal. I haven't actually watched the movie yet, (There's some inform...
artyjames 17-Aug-09 08:12 PM
by ohadstar
2 ---  
How do we abstract painting?
Hello Recently, I have developed an interest in paintings. I am not that good as I am in the learning process. I started with water colors and ...
MooreJake 10-Dec-08 10:39 PM
by MooreJake
1 ---  
Help me in buying paintings online!!
Recently, I went to South Africa for a week on an official tour. And I must tell you, the country is beautiful and their culture is so colorful th...
saartistssim 05-Dec-08 03:36 AM
by jimdawson
1 ---  
Variation on a Da Vinci
[img src="http://www.ciarin.com/Art/davinci.jpg"]...
Ciarin 25-May-08 04:04 AM
by johnjsr
2 ---  
So here are a few closeups of my newly-cast piece: http://uviart.com/images/ppull_c1.jpg http://uviart.com/images/p...
Uvi 24-Apr-08 11:21 PM
by Uvi
0 ---  
Door to my childhood
http://www.uviart.com/images/door.jpg This is an 18x24 inch painting, ink, watercolor and acrylic. Very personal. Uvi www...
Uvi 15-Jan-08 07:04 PM
by Uvi
0 ---  
Nude in oils
This is the only male nude oil painting I have done/completeted so far. I think its also one of my best. Let me know what you think. You can al...
ashstone 10-Jan-08 11:56 PM
by ashstone
0 ---  
Online Fine Art Gallery - artofchez.homeip.net
Hi folks, This new online gallery showcases the work of Chez Watts. The pieces are mostly nudes and portraits in watercolour drawn directly from l...
felix 07-Dec-07 05:16 AM
by Mahendran
0 ---  
J Rosa Painting
Anyone know anything about this artist? Looks kind of Picasso/Cubist. There is a set of lithos for sale on ebay. Item number: 140173823504 ...
eyedoc1975 03-Nov-07 06:52 PM
by eyedoc1975
0 ---  
Top worldwide Art magazine?
hello friends, i need your help guys... my girlfriend will have birthday soon and as she is a great painter (intermediate level), ...
Phillipe 15-Nov-06 06:22 AM
by Phillipe
0 ---  
Critics on Gordon Bennett
Hey, I am just wondering if any one known a critic who does work on Gordon Bennett. Eg. Outsider, 1988 If anyone does know a critic who does%...
b_navarr 16-Jul-06 10:18 PM
by me
4 ---  
Still working at it...
I have been doing art from early childhood and last year because of the response from a test market study, I was encouraged to start painting portra...
zeepaintor 30-May-06 10:20 PM
by zeepaintor
0 ---  
been doing art one year.need you crits.
been doin art one year need your crits.Dont laugh at my site, but i made a gallery. Please give me technical feedback. http://www.to...
RUNEMASTER 12-May-06 02:20 PM
0 ---  
Manuel Pereira da Silva
It is a wonderful journey to visit this web site and to view some good ideas. "He who makes me see under a different light what I see everyday ma...
New Gallery 09-May-06 11:14 AM
by New Gallery
0 ---  
Shpetim Garuci Albanina self tought Painter
Hi there I just came from city of Shkodra Albnia where unintentionaly attended on the 25/march/2006 First Exhibition of selftought Artist Shpet...
J Spike 06-Apr-06 11:57 PM
by M Poti
1 ---  
your impressions
bonjour! i'm a french painter my name is delphine cadoré. i would like to know what do you think about my artwork? YOU CAN SEE IT ON htt...
delf 09-Mar-06 11:11 AM
by delf
0 ---  
funny flow of beings from my head on canvas
check out and comments and critique is always welcome http://www.flickr.com/photos/hoek/...
Heikki Takala 16-Feb-06 00:19 AM
by Heikki Takala
0 ---  
Sculptor Pereira da Silva
Hi I would like that, if you have a little time, to take a look in my website and say your opinion in our book of visits, the URL is: ht...
pereiradasilva 18-Jan-06 03:27 PM
by pereiradasilva
Thomas Kinkade?
This is from the thomaskinkade.com: "Thomas Kinkade is America's most collected living artist. Coming from a modest background, Kinkade e...
Iliamoderator 04-Jan-06 03:27 PM
by Ilia
0 ---  
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