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Has decided to think up the idea:)...
Has decided to think up the idea:)... Has simply decided to think up an exhibition on the Internet which would help artists and to people con...
mimoXodom 22-Aug-12 01:58 PM
by alluringzone99
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New art
I think the words is the source of all art,so I have created the new art.word and art.historical artworks,And then use words to describe. It`s p...
arteyes 03-Oct-11 03:39 AM
by shekinahartgallery
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do you believe in underground art?
Hi all. My friend has this website called Radioactive Future. It is an online gallery featuring a whole crew of young kids who are making Undergroun...
debbieescalante 17-Jun-10 06:12 PM
by hazelnice
13 ---  
Huge Art Collection
Hello to friends. I am very interested in art prints; Last week, i found huge art collection at ; Such as Canvas Art, Modern Art, Asian Art...
daunyricy 16-Jun-10 07:52 PM
by hazelnice
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Good tip for fabric painting
Fabric painting helps in a better way to change your home and any other room especially your wardrobe. An important thing to keep in mind is that ...
artistbynature 16-Jun-10 07:44 PM
by hazelnice
1 ---  
THE COOL SCHOOL available on iTunes!
Modern Art Fans, THE COOL SCHOOL is the story about how LA learned to love modern art. Its a lesson in how a few renegade artists built an art ...
JohnTS 20-Jun-08 08:18 AM
by JohnTS
0 ---  
This is a new oil painting triptych. While the the subject of the previous one was 'tangled', this is 'untangled': http://www...
Uvi 19-Mar-08 05:48 PM
by Uvi
0 ---  
day and night: : crazy gateways
Here is a new oil painting (still wet) -- the night version -- inspired by a previous oil painting -- the day version of this imaginary space. ...
Uvi 28-Feb-08 06:11 PM
by Uvi
0 ---  
Fabric Fights
http://www.uviart.com/images/fabric.jpg This is the center panel in a triptych (three-panel painting). To find the whole thing,...
Uvi 15-Feb-08 06:53 PM
by Uvi
1 ---  
Debate drawings
This is a work I've just completed: http://dev2.manme.org.uk/~davem/wreckers/ It's an interactive work on the subject of th...
crystal 06-Feb-07 12:49 PM
by crystal
0 ---  
Porcelain Statue
Hello! I have recently acquired a lovely porcelain statue at an auction however I am not sure where to begin with my research of it's origins. I a...
gabriel_409 24-Jan-07 10:19 PM
by gabriel_409
2 ---  
About impressionism
Greetings, I have a little question. My most favorite stile (trend?) of art is impressionism, so I’m looking for sites here in Intern...
Lewerkun 02-Jun-06 11:55 PM
by dhsart
1 ---  
Surreal and Visionary Pencil Art Collection
Hi Everyone (: I hope you will take a moment to view the pencil art gallery where you will find a collection of drawings from 5 unique theme...
imaginativepencil 04-May-06 07:16 PM
by imaginativepencil
0 ---  
Unique Concept!
www.malstores.com I think the website is fabulous conceptual art! I particularly like the way in which the artist/s play an essential ro...
Andrew Blair Jr. 28-Jan-06 05:08 AM
by Andrew Blair Jr.
0 ---  
Splash-ink painting..a new style
A new style, called splash-ink painting, is a particular and beautiful art. ex. http://www.splash-ink-painting.com/index.files%2...
ingridtells8 09-Nov-05 09:15 AM
by ingridtells8
0 ---  
Hi. Have a look at my website its full of new works. Feedback is welcomed so please feel free to email me your comments or leave a comment on my comme...
Studiofive 04-Nov-05 08:34 AM
by Studiofive
0 ---  
Paul Klee Museum opens in June
A museum dedicated to Paul Klee will open next month in Bern Switzerland. Designed by Renzo Piano. I'll attach an article with some great image...
jac 17-May-05 06:52 AM
by jac
0 ---  
K!M PR!SU: Born in 1962 at Aldeia da Dona (Portugal), he comes to Paris when he is 9 months old... 1980: creation of N...
jerry bruckheimer 08-Mar-05 02:24 AM
by jerry bruckheimer
0 ---  
kim prisu
Joaquim António Gonçalves Borregana dito Kim Prisu, nasceu em 1962, em Aldeia da Dona, no distrito da Guarda, Portugal. Foi levado aos nov...
joanaeli 08-Mar-05 02:14 AM
by joanaeli
0 ---  
Collection of new abstract art! It's animated!
Please review the collection at http://www.quazzle.com/page/home/collection Thanks! Loy Austin...
Loy Austin 13-Jan-05 06:54 AM
by Loy Austin
0 ---  
Hello, I invite you to make known to you in my new international directory arts. I kindly request to you to put in your links the logos of m...
MONTMARTRE 19-Nov-04 12:21 PM
0 ---  
World artistic nude female models list + needed
World Imodels World artistic nude female models list Details at: http://worldimodels.ios.st/Front/NewsNet/pages.asp?id=15349%0...
World_Imodels 22-Oct-04 01:33 AM
by World_Imodels
0 ---  
"TWIN TOWERS" - Draw Your Emotions Here
An innovative idea has been developed allowing anyone worldwide to login to this digital canvas entitled "TWIN TOWERS". There are 1680 available g...
nowyouhavecontrol 30-Jul-04 10:17 AM
by nowyouhavecontrol
0 ---  
Just painting
I found some interesting paintings, they spell it like "espacialismo" i don't understand anything about the text: http://groups.m...
Redbull 07-May-04 05:56 PM
by Redbull
0 ---  
How about Peter Max
His Peace 2000 is signed and on ebay. Is it a poster to get? Right now it is lower then to buy the poster in the store. Signed Peter Max Poster Eb...
plaidacid 07-Jan-04 11:36 PM
by ScottRene
1 ---  
View my work
I'm an artist in the middle U.S.A. I would like to invite you to view my work. ...
Ty 07-Jan-04 09:17 AM
by Ty
2 ---  
Who is the artist
Can anyone tell me who is the artist of this painting? "http://au.f1.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/a_fyffe/detail?.dir=/2004-01-0...
procrastinator 07-Jan-04 07:21 AM
by procrastinator
1 ---  
Please Help with Signature
Sorry if I should not have posted here, but I'm having trouble reading the signature of an Italian oil painting and would apreciate some assistanc...
Shawn 21-Dec-03 04:21 PM
by Shawn
0 ---  
Classical v. Modern
The debate over classic v. modern is interesting, though I don't think artists who reject the modern and postmodern are "going back" or return...
Art Lover 24-Nov-03 07:34 AM
by Lewerkun
6 ---  
italian paint
im selling for this: http://cgi.ebay.it/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3559265013&category=20133 Whats your opinion%3...
elisa 14-Oct-03 09:46 AM
by elisa
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