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Subject: "Can I use cement backer board as an easy panel?"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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unregistered user
30-Aug-06, 04:23 AM (PST)
"Can I use cement backer board as an easy panel?"
   Id' like to try fresco painting, but I'd like to reduce the number of new skills to start. I've found discussions of building a panel from plywood or OSB with expanded metal stapled onto it, but I'd like to avoid that at first.

Would simple cement backer board be a usable panel for learning purposes?

If so, are there any preparation steps necessary, or would I just wet it and lay a final coat?

I've found sources for pigments, but is there a source for paints? Do I need to get a muller and make them up even at the beginner level?

Is there any reference you could recommend to begining or learning fresco rather than mastering it?

Thank you for any advice or suggestions that you can offer.

Very Respectfully,

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Gary sculptari
unregistered user
02-Sep-06, 06:20 PM (PST)
1. "RE: Can I use cement backer board as an easy panel?"
In response to message #0
   You have to realise that this is a transition from hard to soft - and then the soft (lime) over a long period of time eventually turns to hard. Each layer has its own personality, and you try not to create to many conflicts - otherwise - they part ways.

A godsend is 'concrete bonder' which is a flexible "Dr. Phil" moment to bond differing parties. The proper transposure is fresh lime modified concrete (with coarser aggregates), to fresh 100% pure lime plaster (with fine aggregates). Each of these materials has their own lawyer - and if you listen to them, and their exact demands, you will be up half the night trying to keep schedules. This is why lime plaster is dead in construction, but not barred to us in the arts.

Cement board is well cured concrete - the hardest material you can deal with, so its much more of a challenge to get things (lime plaster) to stick - but it can be done.

Steel mesh is another godsend to the world of fresco. Make something as thick as backer board with mesh. While it is still 'green' gradually increase coats with lime content, and smaller aggregate size. If you are really nervous - use concrete bonder between coats. This will result in a happy family that can't wait to gobble up your pigments into permanent, beautiful works of fresco.

The hardest part is to get started. The second hardest part is throwing away the works you don't like. Thats about it, really

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