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Fresco Book
I've found this site where you can download Cennini's "The Craftsman's Handbook" Let me know if you have any problems with the link. www.n...
Andrea4250 21-Jun-02 00:27 AM
by Andrea4250
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I need differant technique's used in FRESCOE'S!
Hi, i am doing a project and i would like to know what differant types of frescoes there are. It would help if you could include a brief descriptti...
Lily 24-Apr-02 12:53 PM
by Ilia
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Hi! I am doing a project on Fra Angelico and i need information on the process of creatinf a frescoe. i know absolutel nothing and i really need h...
Lily-Elizabeth 19-Apr-02 07:43 AM
by Lily-Elizabeth
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the science needed to paint frescoes
I would be more than happy if anyone could give some kind of answer to what were the sciences or knowledge and awarness of nature that was needed for ...
moriom 16-Apr-02 01:38 AM
by Ilia
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is fresco wet media?
I wrote in the comments box when i registered, but i don't know if that is easily accessable. Ilia, i talked to you on the phone today, i am ...
aquajewel2 30-Mar-02 05:34 PM
by aquajewel2
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I need the dates of some frescos
I am working as a research assistant at Calvin College and have two frescos that I can't find the date for. I don't even know who painted them. ...
seeker 30-Mar-02 12:30 PM
by aquajewel2
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fresco history
Good day to all. I need to find some instructions from the actual time period. Does anyone have a source? For instance I need writi...
Sheree 01-Feb-02 03:30 PM
by admin
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Want to learn how to grind and mix pigments...
I brought back pigments from Italy to try attempting my own fresco. While I was in Rome studying, a class was offered at my college on fresco painti...
Jerry DeMarco 17-Dec-01 01:20 PM
by Ilia
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Use of white in fresco
I would like to gather some opinions on the use of white in fresco. Different artists and schools now and in the past have many variations on this sub...
adminadmin 17-Dec-01 00:08 AM
by Lyse
strappo fresco technique
Hi, I heard about strato fresco technique. It's a fresco on canvas. I would like to know more about the technique and where can I learn ...
wallsdec 15-Dec-01 02:58 PM
by admin
fresco brushes
Hi, I am new this forum, I have been following along and I am just getting into fresco painting. Lots of research (never enough) but haven't...
abbybwilde 11-Dec-01 03:27 PM
by admin
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We introduce artists and locate buyers and sellers
We introduce artists free on our online newspaper. Also join Art & Business Chamber and get information on buyers and sellers of art. If you plan to...
amjadshelly 29-Nov-01 06:24 AM
by amjadshelly
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What kind of fresco info would you like to see more of?
A poll question: What kind of fresco info would you like to see more of?
adminadmin 23-Oct-01 08:41 PM
by admin
fresco transfers?
Does any one have information on a technique of painting frescos directly on a wall, then transfering the pigments onto a canvas by way of tra...
Jamie 06-Jun-01 06:07 AM
by Ilia
American Colonial Plaster and Fresco
Greetings, I am very much an amateur in the art of fresco, having jumped into it headfirst last summer when I plastered our entire bas...
Katherine 06-Jun-01 08:18 AM
by Gary sculptari
Your E-mail ?
Hi Ilia Plese send me your e-mail. Ifail to send you pic. by your site. My add: mikneder@naan.org.il Thanks Yoram...
Yoram Neder 15-May-01 09:08 AM
by Yoram Neder
Mystique of Lime Plaster [View All]
This topic has been on my mind for some time = True fresco must be made with fresh lime plaster - period. If this means a lot of people will be barr...
Gary sculptari 14-Apr-01 01:55 AM
by Ilia
Good Intro to Fresco Painting
I feel honored that I have the pleasure of posting the inaugural message in this forum. This is going to be a great forum and site for everything fres...
John 25-Mar-01 03:30 PM
by mr grumpy
Tiepolo Kicks Gary's Butt !
I was starting another of what I call "fresco fragments" today, reproductions of master fresco. The purpose is to develop my skills, but also ...
Gary sculptari 08-Mar-01 06:25 PM
by Ilia
Getting Started on a Project/New Member
I want to begin by saying that I am very happy to have found this forum, it's really wonderful! To begin with I have a arts backgroun...
Victoria Clemente 22-Feb-01 04:00 PM
by Myriam Schinazi
Dark Backgrounds
I am reading about, and reproducing some Pompeii frescos. The extremely dark reds and blue/black backgrounds (in the so called "fourth period%...
Gary sculptari 30-Jan-01 09:42 PM
by Gary sculptari
help.....fresco !!!??
Hello, we are the English, from England. We are studying the art of fresco, what information can you give us, we would like as much as possibl...
The Art Group 30-Jan-01 04:58 AM
by Gary sculptari
Cartoons for Frescoes
Cartoon - Full scale rendering/drawing from which the fresco is to be painted. Tracings of the cartoons are done on transparent paper. The edges of ...
adminadmin 04-Jan-01 07:17 PM
by Yoram Neder
Hello Ilia I have an idea to help you in your workshops, etc. Introduce "Sgraffito" as an easy introduction to fresco, or as a fami...
Gary sculptari 04-Jan-01 09:53 AM
by Gary sculptari
Marketing Frescos
How do I market a fresco mural to a client who is attracted to the less expensive, non-fresco, alternative?...
sddp 28-Dec-00 09:43 AM
by Lee (Guest)
Hi Ilia Could you tell me if ground dolomite is suitable to use with lime putty for freco, I was offered a free 50kg bag so I thought I%2...
Ed 20-Dec-00 11:31 AM
by Ilia
Watercolor Tubes for Fresco
I am still developing colors/pallete (not to mention skills!) and it is difficult to buy dry pigments up here in Canada. Other than concrete c...
Gary sculptari 18-Dec-00 03:43 PM
by Yoram Neder
Newbie questions
Hi I am trying to teach myself fresco painting,so if I ask a stupid question give me a fools pardon HaHa! I was recommended silica sand to ad...
Ed 18-Dec-00 02:11 PM
by Ed
Fresco and differing climates
hi out there Am interested in knowing if anyone has had problems in painting frescoes in different climates. If so,...did you need a diff...
Trompe Decorative Finishes 23-Nov-00 06:35 AM
by suzie
Colour changes in fresco
Hi everyone, Just wanted to hear some opinions and advice out there about testing to see how colour changes in a buon fresco. ...
Trompe Decorative Finishes 11-Nov-00 10:07 AM
by Ilia
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