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portable fresco panel
Hello! i am making fresco panels out of 1/2 plywood, with tar paper, then the metal lathe staples on, then the scratch, brown and final p...
Macrina 28-Jun-08 10:16 PM
by Steve Ladd
16 ---  
resistant VP
I'm hoping someone out there has enough experience with traditional materials and methods to help me. Here is what I now have on a wall, roughly i...
holdenmt 19-Jun-08 01:25 PM
by holdenmt
0 ---  
artyclayforever just wanted to say hello, getting the materials together to try again and thought I would check out the site. Wondered ho...
Arty Clay Forever 15-Jun-08 01:56 PM
by admin
1 ---  
Stepping Stone
I was recently commissioned to do some outdoor cement circles for a butterfly garden. I am assuming cement/concrete primer to start, but can I jus...
artblue 12-Jun-08 06:07 PM
by admin
1 ---  
welding a frame for fresco panel?
Dear Ilya, Here I am a year later, and I still am trying different things for this problem. I now have a series of panels ordered which are all...
Macrina 10-Apr-08 09:13 AM
by admin
1 ---  
Fresco Painting - Introduction to Fresco Painting
In it's essence, fresco or fresco painting is an - application of natural mineral pigments to a surface on which a following chemical reaction tak...
adminadmin 12-Mar-08 07:44 PM
by admin
0 ---  
Minimize Limewash Chalking
Hello Everyone, I'm new to this forum, and I'm looking for some input. I'm trying to "dial" in a limewash recipe. The problem t...
ckclay 01-Aug-07 12:52 PM
by admin
3 ---  
Fresco Time Again!
I can't believe how long it has been since I have done any painting. I have been a contractor for the restoration of a 1912 heritage building, ter...
Gary sculptari 30-Nov-06 08:55 PM
by Ilia
3 ---  
My First Fresco
Hi there i'am planning to do my first ever Fresco.I am doining it for my personnal study based on Michelangelo(for my A level art),i am goin t...
Mark_michelangelo 10-Jul-06 10:32 AM
by David london
on whether it is necessary to add cement to the lime an... [View All]
I am trying to teach myself how to do frescos... with the help of this website and the knowledgable people here I think I will do so much better than ...
karla 03-Jun-06 08:33 PM
by poker
31 ---  
Fresco School at Fauxcademy Awards 2006
iLia Anossov, Ian Hardwick and Nathan Zakheim of the Fresco School will conduct fresco painting seminars during 2006 Fauxcademy Awards. Ther...
adminadmin 01-May-06 11:24 PM
by admin
0 ---  
again strappo
Thanks for your answers on my previous question, they have been very helpful to get to understand the process of strappo. I visited and read al...
annet 09-Sep-05 01:43 PM
by holly
5 ---  
glue for strappo
Could anyone tell me where one could find colla di bue and colla freddo glues. Also does anyone know what these glues are made of. I truely would appr...
fresco39 16-Jun-05 08:26 AM
by admin
1 ---  
Making your own pigments
Hello everyone. Can anyone help in the area of making ones own pigments. So far we all know about bianco de san giovanni, but what a...
botticelli_angel 12-Jun-05 01:43 PM
by admin
5 ---  
intonaco too wet?
I have just mixed up my intonaco - 1 part sand :1 part lime putty- I think I added a touch too much water...Can anyone tell me- will it just take lo...
Macree33 12-Jun-05 02:30 AM
by annet
3 ---  
Frescoe Class in ITaly?
hi, I am new to this site, and find it amazing! I am a decorative artist, traveling to Europe for a month or so in May. Does anyone know ...
tnardone77 26-May-05 09:06 AM
by John Keily
6 ---  
fresco casein
I recently came across an artist on line who sells fresco paintings done on canvas. When I inquired about how this was done, I was told that they us...
fresco39 25-May-05 09:15 AM
by fresco39
4 ---  
Church fresco restoration.
I am from a small community in Ohio Our church when built about 85 years ago was all done in fresco. All walls and vertical surfaces have a simple pou...
mospainter 24-May-05 07:06 AM
by annet
3 ---  
Lime, Lime and more Lime [View All]
If you want to search out lime information online, www.lime.org is a good starting point. This is an international association of lime producers. Th...
Gary sculptari 19-Apr-05 07:55 PM
by Gary sculptari
33 ---  
Support for restoration
Dear Fresco Community, I represent a non-profit organisation called HeritageWatch that is committed to the preservation of Cambodia's cultural h...
heritagewatch 06-Apr-05 07:51 PM
by heritagewatch
0 ---  
looking for a source for lime
I am trying to find the high calcium hydrated lime in the boston area.Does anyone know how I could get it? I have called all over and contacted some...
Macree33 03-Mar-05 08:12 AM
by admin
1 ---  
fresco outdoors
I am looking for information on whether or not a fresco can be made to be permanent outdoors. I am in Boston MA and we do have winters, extended col...
Macree33 27-Feb-05 10:14 PM
by Macree33
2 ---  
Hello, I have just found this site and scrolled trough all the messages, and am delighted to find information about strappo as I am just tryi...
annet 25-Nov-04 05:03 PM
by admin
1 ---  
Like Fire
Hello Ilia and co. Things have been going great here in the world of Fresco. Its still the only thing i think about, and i am grasping onto ...
botticelli_angel 25-Oct-04 06:39 PM
by Gary sculptari
5 ---  
Joining Giornatas.
Okay, so Ive mastered the Glass surface technique. The tip you gave me on how to get the charcoal through the pouncings on the vertical su...
botticelli_angel 25-Sep-04 11:00 AM
by Ilia
1 ---  
Multiple Giornatas
So, i am finally beggining my first multiple giornata fresco. I have erected a lath on one of my walls and have laid the scratch coat on ...
botticelli_angel 25-Aug-04 10:47 AM
by Ilia
1 ---  
Help, where do I start?
I am new to fresco painting, actually I have never painted one before. I wish to learn everything I can about Intonaco fresco painting. I would li...
czechmatein3 25-Aug-04 07:47 AM
by admin
1 ---  
questions and postings?
Is no one here any longer to help with questions? Should I stop posting them for now? I understand people are busy. Its just i make a poin...
botticelli_angel 25-Aug-04 07:36 AM
by admin
1 ---  
Hi everyone. I run ArtistsHelpingChildren.org - a non profit organization that donates murals to sick and needy children. We are in need of projectors...
deezin 19-Aug-04 01:49 PM
by deezin
0 ---  
pricing the Sistine Chapel
Maybe a silly question but...how much did it cost to paint the original fresco in the Sistine Chapel? Just curious... ken k...
ken k 07-Aug-04 11:41 AM
by botticelli_angel
2 ---  
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