All images and text in 
"The Peter Hurd Fresco" 
virtual exhibition courtesy of
Museum of Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas
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Image Gallery
of The Peter Hurd Fresco

Teachph.jpg (29755 bytes) Docph.jpg (29480 bytes) Journph.jpg (36088 bytes) Lawph.jpg (37199 bytes)
School Teacher
Doctor Journalist Lawyer
Cronicph.jpg (48272 bytes) Bankerph.jpg (50981 bytes) Freighph.jpg (56786 bytes) Farmph.jpg (58818 bytes)
Banker Freighter Stock Farmer
Buildph.jpg (53063 bytes) Cattleph.jpg (57305 bytes) Leaderph.jpg (57647 bytes) Merchph.jpg (54978 bytes)
Cattleman Civic Leader Merchant
Oilph.jpg (62734 bytes) Pionrph.jpg (57610 bytes) Riderph.jpg (60681 bytes) Cowph.jpg (57770 bytes)
Oil Man
Pioneer Woman Circuit Rider Cowboy


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