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Best Wall Decals on WallDecalMall.com
To make your affordable Tree Wall Decals much more unique, you could try for developing an outstanding out of your preferred pictures and then have ...
Ingmar 23-Oct-13 07:04 PM
by Ingmar
0 ---  
Type S Lime Putty Question
I have pails of Type S Slaked Lime Putty (dolomitic lime) and I need to find a use for it. Is it possible to use this slaked lime as a base ...
sarahburton 03-Oct-13 03:56 PM
by admin
10 ---  
Chance to get famous oil paintings!
We have a number of innovative performers who are school instructors with exclusive creativity. Some of their oil paintings are collected by internati...
Bobby 17-Sep-13 09:49 PM
by Bobby
0 ---  
Amazing oil paintings for sale!
Catching orlando and turning it into a work of art which will last permanently. Our symbol performers will happily create Hand-painted paintings for y...
Bobby 30-Jul-13 08:53 PM
by Bobby
0 ---  
Artist Information
Hello All -- I recently acquired an oil painting signed Vlasta Byrtus. He or she may have died in Erie, PA in May of 1999. In the obituary, t...
Lockhart603 24-Mar-13 10:25 PM
by LindsayTrop
2 ---  
Loved Coming Up With Your Own Costume For Halloween!
When you were a kid, you may accept admired advancing up with your own costume for Halloween. Maybe you even fabricated your own out of costume piec...
haley110 29-Nov-12 09:27 PM
by haley110
0 ---  
Ancestor painter
My ancestors Ernst and William Linne listed their occupations as Fresco Painter. Can anyone help me find examples of their work?...
jmlinne 06-Nov-12 04:52 PM
by admin
1 ---  
dead forum
This forum looked like a pretty nice place to discuss art and artists, but it seems to be pretty dead. Anyone up for discussions, critiques, et...
soulwish13 15-Jun-12 08:16 PM
by daffodil255
20 ---  
Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and I wanted to introduction myself. I am currently a graphic design major and I work as a server at Bahama Breez...
lucky84one 24-Nov-11 02:38 AM
by seikialice88
1 ---  
Water resistant tempera
Hi I am trying out tempera resist. I bought some RichArt fresco tempera paint (not washable)and finding that it is washing off more than I woul...
Janipa_11 13-Sep-11 07:49 AM
by admin
3 ---  
If I wanted to sell my artwork. . .
If I wanted to sell my artwork, how should I price it? All I can find are ways to price canvas art. Not artwork made on the computer with some ar...
leafeon_ex 10-Jun-11 02:02 AM
by bauer5152
2 ---  
Hi, anybody out there that has a source for quicklime? Chemical Lime Co. of Canada and one in Cache Creek manufacture the stuff but only sell wh...
Hermann 10-Nov-10 11:35 PM
by lyly10388
1 ---  
Cristo Pellegrino
I am interested in finding anyone who can tell me a little about "Cristo Pellegrino", my mother has what looks to be a genuine copy of the origi...
BartendBettie 04-Nov-10 10:17 PM
by Annn123
0 ---  
ART Communes
I would like to meet other artists of any and all Media in the North Eastern sector of Illinois to set up a work commune where we can work and mingle ...
Louis 26-Aug-10 08:16 PM
by sklnkl
4 ---  
mexican artist
Anyone have any resources on the work of Ernesto Garcia Cabral? ...
S. Coffin 21-Apr-10 09:41 AM
by kelly7898
17 ---  
A rarely-liked place to be
This work (oil painting) is deeply personal. It seems to evoke disgust in most people, and a strong understanding in a few. http://...
Uvi 18-Jun-08 10:27 AM
by whansen02
2 ---  
Where can i buy 120" canvas in LA?
Im coming to LA to paint a couple months. I dont know the LA suppliers... Thanks for the help......
Ran Ortner 08-Apr-08 08:51 AM
by admin
1 ---  
Peter Wever (German artist) [View All]
Hi, does anyone know of any resources for the German artist Peter Wever? I have some of his work on cards, but would like to see a catalogue....
Lesley Gall 28-Feb-08 01:37 PM
by Helena_1
22 ---  
C. Jere sculpture: Spectators at a football game
Dave in Toledo New member question. I bought a C. Jere sculpture: Spectators at a football game at an estate sale. Does anyone have one or know...
reachdave 22-Feb-08 07:39 PM
by romancolumn1
2 ---  
Help in identifying a painting?
I have problem with one painting that I cannot identify, if here is anyone that that could help. Subject itself is from Naples, Thessaloniki or Aa...
Justin 25-Sep-07 09:30 PM
by nobita
2 ---  
Who listens to what music?
Hello. Good day Who listens to what music? I Love songs Justin Timberlake and Paris Hilton...
musicliket 04-Dec-06 01:57 AM
by musicliket
0 ---  
Merry Christmas Gifts
Hi people I do not know what to give for Christmas of the to friends, advise something .......
christmasp 03-Dec-06 05:46 AM
by christmasp
0 ---  
Jana Sterbak
Hi! I'm new to the site, I'm a student in London, and I'm currenly writing my thesis, which includes some stuff about Jana Sterbak (th...
goldendelicious 21-Nov-06 10:59 AM
by Caffyn Kelley
4 ---  
appropriation [View All]
hey im a yr10 student doing my art assesment task its on a painting which is a appropriation of vincent's bedroom and i think starry night any way i...
alain 13-Nov-06 07:45 PM
by kekims01
35 ---  
more appropiation
hi im in year 11 at school and im doing an assignment on appropiation but particually on the artists Yasumasa Morimura and Damien Hirst and Meret Op...
lil_missy_72 01-Jun-06 08:19 PM
by lil_missy_72
0 ---  
on pen and ink
hi everyone! just wanna ask... does anyone know of an abstract or cubist pen and ink painter? thanks! :) www.paintingsonline.blogspo...
iam_mai 09-Apr-06 03:22 PM
by iam_mai
0 ---  
Bahamas Trip?
Ok, since I work at Bahama Breeze as I've said before, we're doing this new contest and the winner gets a free trip to the Bahamas which I thi...
lucky84one 20-Mar-06 08:07 AM
by lucky84one
0 ---  
old painting
Does anyone know where (on the web) I might be able to get information on an old painting I have? Looking for information on a painter named By...
Laura 22-Feb-06 06:58 AM
by Carol
5 ---  
Basement Project
I was looking for some possible help with a project I am going to attempt. I am finishing my basement in a sports theme and was wondering if anyone c...
Dizzolved 20-Feb-06 03:48 PM
by Dizzolved
0 ---  
Poppies at Argenteuil
In Claude Monet's painting Poppy Field at Argenteuil, there are 2 sets of figures. It could be assumed that the 2 figures are the same people and ...
D Crooks 03-Feb-06 06:40 AM
by Joel Barder
1 ---  
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