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Pre-enrolment application is an application submitted in advance at no cost or obligation to the applicant. For us this is the first step in creating a Road Map for the American Fresco School, for you this is the first step to learn the technique of fresco painting at reasonable cost.



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For us this is the first step in creating a "road map" for the American Fresco School, for you this is the first step on the way to learn fresco painting technique at reasonable cost. This step is designed to minimize the workshop advertising and administration costs which is essential to keep the low cost of the tuition. When we collect 7-10 pre-enrollment applications for the same location we start/fund local advertising campaign through the appointed local organizer.  At this point we begin the enrollment process and you will be invited to enroll.

For other workshop locations please refer to corresponding pages (use menu on the left) or go to the SCHEDULE - MAIN PAGE.

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Our Goal is to see Fresco being painted in every town!

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"Our goal is to see fresco being painted in every town"

The Fresco School


Established in 1996 in Los Angeles by fresco artist iLia Anossov (fresco), formerly known as "Nationwide Fresco Painting Workshop Program". Hundreds of students have attended our workshops enrolling from US, Canada, Europe. Fresco School is the only Art School that offers ongoing fresco curriculum throughout the calendar year. Our buon fresco technique programs have traveled to many US cities.

If this is your first visit, please learn about the school and our programs by visiting the link below:

FS - How it Works?

or give us a call at 310-591-8028 for current classes!

Become a Member - Get Fresco School Membership!

Fresco School (FS) Membership includes:

1. Buon Fresco Foundations Tutorials DVD Set (5 DVD Volumes - $325 value)
2. Free phone consultation with a Fresco School Expert (2 per year - $190 value).
3. Permanent 5% Discount on Fresco Materials at
4. Registration options to advanced FSOA Program Levels

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Happening Now!

Project Mexico Fresco - St Innocent Pavilion Altar

Project Mexico Fresco at the Project Mexico St. Innocent Orphanage. (

Interior Wall Surface ~ 2670 sq. ft
Exterior Wall Surface ~ 1660 sq.ft.
Altar Area Ceiling ~ 750 sq. ft.

It is estimated that over 1500 gallons of lime will be used.

Onsite Fresco Workshops Distemper, Casein Tempera and Egg Tempera Workshops - all elements of creation from wall prep to painting:

- Wall Building
- Plaster
- Concept Developing
- Cartoon
- Variant Studies
- Orthodox Iconography
- Fresco Painting
- Egg Tempera

Online tutoring and Access to work documents and inside records progress reports and visual documentation, Apprentice opportunities and participation in all stages of works with onsite accommodations - open to Fresco School Members ONLY

> Become a Member <

Scheduled onsite works for this April – May, 2017, 2017:

– Quick Lime slaking for base layers,lime aging
- BONUS - Limewash Paint recepies (salt and casein base) – Arriccio
– Cartoon Refinement for both walls
– Sinopia on both walls
- lime paints preparation for buon fresco
– Full Scale Buon Fresco Color Studies on panels of all elements
– Giornata Painting of both walls

To join us on site - schedule an interview below.

Have Questions? - Schedule an Interview

Project Mexico and St Innocent Orphanage is a Charitable Non-Profit Organization

Sheila Bergman has donated 30 gallons of aged slaked lime putty which we just received - perfect gift for our April needs.

Thank you Sheila and other donors for making this fresco a reality from all of us at the Fresco School and Project Mexico!

Please Contribute - Make a Donation (click here)

Master Class: Private Fresco Painting Mountain Retreat with iLia Fresco

Master Class: 4 - Day Private Fresco Painting Mountain Retreat with iLia Fresco

more about the class and to register - Click Here

Our Curriculum


"In order to succeed in fresco, the one should understand it's medium."

Our curriculum explores The Medium of Fresco where pigment is bound to the surface via the process of carbonation of calcium hydroxide in the wet plaster. It is focused on the traditional buon (true) fresco technique (What is Fresco? - Fresco Painting Introduction article). Fresco School offers a full spectrum of boun fresco workshops and classes from introductory level lessons to advanced fresco programs and private fresco tutoring as well as DVD Video Fresco Painting Tutorials. Our curriculum also includes supplemental fresco restoration and mural painting seminars.



Buon Fresco Painting Foundations DVD Tutorials Set is a prerequisete to all our workshops and programs. This set is designed for Self-Study of the medium. It is required that you watch all available videos of this Set prior to any workshop or program (demos and seminars excluded.). BFF Video Tutorial Set is included in FS Membership package Get FS Membership! (click here).

Alternatively you can call your Local Library and ask them if they have a copy. If your library does not have one, have them call Fresco School (310) 779-5079 and order a Library Special Set

I asked iLia why I couldn’t simply sign up for his workshop at the Fresco School and learn what is needed to create a fresco during a week in class, enjoy a bit of professional networking and "fill in" with online resources? His explanation is worth repeating and reflects the many advantages of our digital world as compared to the now out-of-date limited opportunities for education. continue about prerequisite...

Fresco = Green


The True Green & Organic Method of Painting. As modern society and paint, Applied and Fine art industries move more toward the use of green products, fresco stands as the original and truly pure "organic" method of painting. Fresco painting uses no petroleum-based solvents, glues or man-made materials, therefore, none of the toxic fumes associated with volatile organic compounds (VOC's) are created. True frescoes are made of slaked lime (calcium hydrate) and paints prepared from natural pigments of oxides, ochres, umbers and made of minerals and various clays. Calcium hydrate, or lime patty, is not only a crucial element for proper functioning of the human body, but also has been used in agriculture as fertilizer since the beginning of written record. Any plaster and paint debris from fresco painting can be dispersed safely and harmlessly into the ground since it contains a natural chemical composition that directly benefits the earth and came from the earth.



All Fresco School programs and seminars taught by highly accredited working professional artists and craftsmen. Fresco programs lead by iLia Anossov (fresco painting) and Ian Hardwick (fresco plaster). Supplemental seminars conducted by Nathan Zakheim (fresco restoration) and Kent Twitchell (large scale murals) of Mural & Fresco Painting Academy. Student Relations handled by Anatoly Valushkin.



Enrollment is open year around for everyone, class limits, schedule, descriptions, fees and availability are listed on corresponding pages of this site (see menu on the left). You can choose from:

  • Private Programs - predefined sets of private (one-on-one) classes and assisted studio sessions spread over time with customizable schedule.

  • Workshops - grouped together sets of consecutive classes offered periodically with fixed schedule.

  • Classes - segments of programs and workshops that can be attended individually.

  • Supplemental Seminars - conference style lectures on fresco painting related topics conducted by expert professionals.


Why Fresco?


Paintings as well as drawings created in oil or other non-fresco mediums have a relatively short life time and examples can be traced back only several hundred years, reproductions and photographs even less. Historically frescoes were the only remaining "records", references to the techniques, methods and styles used by the artists of the past becoming the ultimate "test books" serving artists through tenth of thousands of years. Since the Renaissance Fresco is referred to as "The Mother of All Arts".

Even a brief experience in fresco will dramatically improve your work in other visual arts mediums. The fresco experience an artist receives using our "Buon Fresco Foundations" video tutorial and/or attending a fresco workshop is invaluable for a better understanding of the classic principles of visual arts as it applies to painting and drawing. During just a few days of fresco study, the intricate and refined technical details of any medium become evident to the student, while it can take years to understand the same principles when using other mediums.

The most efficient drafting and painting methods and systems ever known were ultimately discovered through fresco techniques because of the precision necessary and the time constraints dictated by the chemical reactions that occur during fresco painting. Known as the Classic Painting system/technique, these are the most efficient and refined painting methods in visual art.




To contact Fresco School use Contact Form or call:
(310) 779-5079 10 AM - 6 PM PST


How to paint a fresco?

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