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Conferences Fresco Painting Plaster Arts & Modern Plasters and Classic Plaster Finishes
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Fresco Painting Plasters available at FrescoShop.com
We have added a few new products - Premixed Fresco Painting Plasters: Fresco Painting Plaster - INTONACO Fresco Painting Plaster - ARR...
adminadmin 21-Jul-14 02:06 PM
by admin
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scagliola - stucc marble - stucco di marmo
STUCC MARBLE - SCAGLIOLA Introduction: Since the man in the Prehistory developed the artistic sensitivity, different natural res...
oscar urruela 14-Mar-11 05:03 PM
by oscar urruela
0 ---  
Marble Powder
Does anyone have a U.S. source for white marble powder for marmorino? I have slaked my lime, but I need 200 lbs of marble dust to make marmorino...
hkimmelman 27-Oct-10 01:58 AM
by cid egypt
5 ---  
Finish for art plaster hand/footprints??
I am a beginner with plaster. (obviously!) I have been experimenting and experimenting and trying to figure out how to get a good antique-looki...
katielenore 03-Aug-10 07:42 AM
by Stitadhi Rath
2 ---  
Venetian plaster recipe
Is there a DVD course out there that teaches you to make the stuff from chemicals? I used to have a friend that made his own with calcium carbo...
caveham 30-Apr-10 04:32 PM
by rhattman
1 ---  
Venetian Plaster multi-use
1. In Italy this supposedly lasts hundreds of years. Are there any special chemicals used for exterior application. So far I only heard of people co...
caveham 30-Apr-10 01:31 PM
by admin
1 ---  
Air Slaked Lime
I am wondering if anyone uses air slaked limes, whether for fresco, stucco, or whatever. If so, what properties do they have compared to putt...
rhattman 19-Mar-10 05:26 PM
by rhattman
4 ---  
Scagliola [View All]
Is there an alternative to Keenes cement,I have used fine casting plaster and white cement for scag with good results, well I'm happy any way.%0...
Ed 24-Jan-10 10:29 PM
by admin
60 ---  
Need help with 3 coat lime plaster wall
I am about to do my first real lime plastering job for a customer. Up until now I have done veneer plaster and limited gypsum 3 coat work. I noti...
jbologna 12-Nov-09 10:24 PM
by riyanjason
1 ---  
How to remove dried split plaster
I recently made a plaster cast mold of a friends hand outside of my house, i used dental alginate, and plaster of paris.. here's the problem; ...
Chris 10-Nov-09 00:11 AM
by ronaldoipl
1 ---  
Lime plaster won't stick
I am finally deep into my shower plastering project on the renovation we are doing. 3 showers came out fine with 2 coats of plaster so far. But the 4t...
hkimmelman 09-Nov-09 11:51 PM
by alenppp
1 ---  
has anyone had any experience with the Rivesto-marmorino product? Thanks...
mr grumpy 31-Jan-09 07:13 PM
by Rodon
15 ---  
Limewash Pigments
I've recently re-stuccoed my house. Ive decided that instead of painting it, I would rather do a limewash. I've mixed several batches with diffe...
Elrod 20-Nov-08 11:47 PM
by admin
1 ---  
Fresco Venetian plaster
Has anybody used Venetian plaster by Fresco Srl, Italy to create 3xD Murals or Fresco? Which one is most sutable: Calcherra Marmorino or Marbl...
Rodon 14-Nov-08 11:53 PM
by admin
3 ---  
Magnesite Marble & Terracotta
I thought it would be interesting to pass on some of why findings regarding magnesium oxychloride cement, patented in 1800's as Sorel's cement. ...
Gary sculptari 12-Nov-08 01:01 AM
by juan1
9 ---  
hi i live in spain and have just started making plaster figures would anyone know of a good plaster like herculite or similar thanks...
flep 30-Apr-08 01:13 PM
by flep
0 ---  
venetian plaster over paint?!
First of all, thank you all - I have looked so long for a place to find information and to ask questions, and this is the best there is...Please -...
maria holden 02-Jan-08 08:09 AM
by wiangube
11 ---  
venetian plastering
i'm new to this plaster world and wondering about starting up and learning as much as i can as a sideline business. wondering if a 2-day workshop %2...
Maria 07-Nov-07 03:46 PM
by terryg
9 ---  
Plaster is drying streaky
We're plastering our walls in the livingroom with a mix of 1 part colored lime putty to 1 1/2 parts sand (the sand we are using is Kwikcrete Pla...
hkimmelman 14-Jun-07 09:12 AM
by admin
1 ---  
fresco materials
I do large art pieces using a gypsum based plaster on plywood or masonite. I need to find a material that is stronger, and less likely to chip. I u...
Tracy 02-Sep-06 06:36 PM
by Gary sculptari
1 ---  
venetian plaster
I have recently hired someone to create a venetian plaster ceiling for me. I am new to VP and have noticed hairline cracks in parts of the ceiling and...
capt'n 30-Jun-06 07:30 PM
by admin
1 ---  
Lime putty added to Kalkote.
Will adding lime putty to Kalkote finishing plaster act as a retarder? Can a lime sand mix be polished. If so, would 4 lime to 1 sand be adequ...
pizzaman117 29-Jun-06 08:25 AM
by Gary sculptari
Lime plaster over drywall
We are rennovating a house and my wife wants me to put my Italian fresco workshop lessons to good use by plastering some of the interior walls with tr...
hkimmelman 21-Jun-06 07:12 PM
by Gary sculptari
Traditional and Modern lime plasters [View All]
Mr. Anossov is a good friend of mine and an amazing artist, he owns this site has asked me to moderate this discussion board concerning Traditional ...
Joe19651moderator 27-Feb-06 04:46 PM
by Montana
32 ---  
Modern Masters Vp HELP%21
Hi, I just applied 2 layers of vp w/ trowl, sanded ,burnished then wiped walls w/ damp cloth. At first I thought it was just wet and would d...
kh9079 11-Nov-05 07:26 AM
by kh9079
0 ---  
pigmented wax
...very disappointing results yesterday. I finished my vp and now want to add a coat of wax, but pigmented. when I applied the wax and then let it h...
holdenmt 28-Sep-05 10:02 AM
by Maria
2 ---  
grey streaks?
I just finished six layers of primer, base, and vp, all beautiful, but when I began to burnish, greyish-balck streaks appeared. these did NO...
maria holden 05-Aug-05 08:41 AM
by holdenmt
2 ---  
Exterior Whitewash Receipes??
My exterior whitewash receipe is simply white portland and lime mixed evenly pound for pound. My only concern is that I am applying it to new unprime...
afranzer 30-Jul-05 02:44 PM
by admin
3 ---  
HELP! with adding pigment to vp
I am trying to create a rather strong terracotta and just cant manage to get my reds to stay strong. I have six of them, iron oxides, burnt sienna...
holdenmt 24-Jul-05 10:50 AM
by admin
5 ---  
"faux cement finish"
does anyone know if you can use plaster - or something - to refinish those ulgy while melamine cabinets. how you do this etc. etc. thanks!...
Mila 01-Sep-04 06:51 PM
by strum4life
6 ---  
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